The Isekai Meta Journey

Isekai Meta
5 min readJul 16, 2022

We have had the anime meta, and that has been had and gone. That’s the brand recognition that we as a team are prepared to compete against. In these seemingly humble times, it only makes more sense to shift the meta and double down on the community, the Isekai way.

Koo’s expression sheet

With the foundations we have set in place, a lot of it will be built by trust and longevity, and that’s what we are trying to symbolize at Isekai Meta, we are taking a stance of doing things differently and hopefully set a trend or a benchmark as that is what is required to push this space further, and everyone on the Isekai team still is and always will be dedicated to the project’s mission and vision.

Timing and pricing are two key factors a team needs to consider when starting an NFT project. We believe these two are heavily correlated with each other, so we strategized different price points depending on market conditions, but the target capital has always been the same.

From left to right: Brian Barredo (CEO of Studio 9 Lives), Glance Oaper (Waps), and Cyris Rigor (Sayres)

A month before we launched our Twitter, we have already started the pre-production of Isekai Meta with Studio 9 Lives and came up with a Business plan, a Marketing plan, and a Funds forecast for the initial sale of the Isekai Meta genesis collection.

Brainstorm session

A fair value that our holders can be confident with. A fair value that will allow us to establish Studio Sekai in order to comfortably innovate & build everything in our plans sustainably, starting with the Sekai Map.

Supply Allocation

The NFT space is currently driven mostly by traders and long-term holders. We believe you need to cater to both in order to have a successful mint. We made sure to devise a drop and strategically allocate supplies that will satisfy both audiences.

We are creating an environment where the public thrives while securing the heavily curated Summon List, our biggest supporters, a chance to own their own NFTs at a lower price point.

Genchijins (the core community) are given a guaranteed spot in the raffle and have a much higher chance of minting an Isekai over someone who is not familiar with the project. Unfortunately, not everyone can be allocated a Summon List spot, but this gave us a chance to ensure that there would be a higher probability for our core community members. Furthermore, this also gives the summon-listed Genchijin members a chance to get more than one Isekai if they would like.

Sales Distribution Transparency

100% of the royalties from secondary sales will go back to the project for the continuous development of Studio Sekai, for additional support to sustain the Sekai Map, to expand the team, and for further marketing. It is also standard in the animation industry to set a minimum 4-year business plan. Because of this, we will all be under a 5-year vesting period. This is our way to assure the community that we will be here for the long run. With that being said, the initial sales will have a 75/25 split — 75% will go to the war chest of the project, while 25% will go to the team.

75% — these will fund the development of the project through Studio Sekai. These will also allow the team to deliver the items listed in the Sekai Map.

25% — these will be used to compensate the team, who have been working these past months without pay (Except the art department)— turning their backs from their Web2 jobs to go all in on Isekai Meta.

Behind the scenes snippets

Studio Ghibli Inspiration

We want this brand to be authentic to what we like — and in that case, we are big fans of Studio Ghibli (As it was our childhood). One of our main goals as a team is to deliver a fresh art style and inject the same magic into this space.

While we took inspiration from Hayao Miyazaki’s art style, we were careful in creating something that is uniquely Isekai Meta. We may have nailed the same vibe and the feeling you get from looking at the art, but the art style is very much different. This is evident based on the subsequent sneak peeks we have shown so far (with Dappr & Maō being prime examples).


The Summoning Draws Near

Isekai Meta is intended to engage with its community long-term. From its core, an Isekai Meta NFT serves as a digital pass to a community where different types of content can be accessed and new stories can be created by its members.

We are less than a week away before we apply all the plans we have made. As a team, we acknowledge that there will be many dedicated members who will be unable to participate in the sale, no strategy is always 100% perfect. But we believe this one allows us to reward the early and loyal members of our community while still allowing the general public to participate in the sale. Bull or bear, our conviction remains the same. We are confident to deliver what we have prepared for the community regardless of market conditions.

Together, we will all build the world of Isekai Meta. Together, we will spark a meta of storytelling through Web3. Together, we ascend. Ready for an adventure?

Let’s get Isekai’d. July 21, 2022.