What’s next for Isekai Meta?

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6 min readJan 29, 2023

Among all the things lined up, the year of the rabbit will be a period of new beginnings for Isekai.

Kat, Koo, and Bun Bun

At its core, Isekai Meta has always strived to innovate and push boundaries of the Web2 & Web3 space — and this year’s vision is no different.

Our Vision for 2023

This year, we are primarily focused on 2 things:

  • Bringing value back to the Web3 community
  • Expand our brand identity to the Web2 audience

In 2022, together we have slowed down.
But for 2023, our vision is to Re-Ascend.

The journey of Isekai Meta post-mint was filled with challenges, but we persevered and overcame them together. Now, for 2023, we are looking to Re-Ascend and break away from the norms in the fast-paced Web3 space. This is a deliberate stance that we take, as we believe that great things take time, and that art deserves a place in this space.

Re-Ascending is more than just a buzzword, it is a symbol of our commitment to rising up against the challenges that we may face, even if we have stumbled before. It is a representation of our drive to continue pushing forward, to never give up and always strive for greatness. This is why we are taking this stand, to show that anything is possible with determination and hard work.

In line with our vision, we will continue to release products that will be beneficial to our community, with the goal of onboarding more people to the space. Every product will be a testament to our brand — story and community driven.

Studio Sekai and its brand sustainability

The establishment of Studio Sekai’s office and it’s growing team of animators paves the way for endless possibilities. Not only does it allow the team to have the necessary resources to work on the upcoming animation, but it also has the potential as a venture to bring in significant value to Isekai Meta.

Studio Sekai wasn’t just an addition.
It was a necessary step for our long-term plans.

Studio Sekai entrance

Studio Sekai will be open for clients looking for commissions of animated work from March 2023 onwards, allowing the whole brand to get revenue outside of NFT marketplace royalties.

It is paramount for us to not just be a mere project, but an actual business. Being able to sustain the brand, we are more confident than ever to build.

Isekai Meta is here to stay. Always will be.

We have also formed meaningful connections with other animation brands internationally and locally that will help forge the story and brand of Isekai forward. Aside from Studio 9 Lives, there are studios that have reached out to us and have shown interest in becoming a part of Isekai’s production and the number of animators that we currently have is steadily growing.

From this moment forward, the opening of Studio Sekai as the brand’s creative hub expands the boundaries for further creation of Isekai Meta’s animation and manga.

Isekai Meta: Ascend — Pilot Episode

Last August, we have released the trailer for the episode on our Twitter page entitled Exordium. Isekai Meta’s full lore is yet to be revealed, but the trailer already provides a glimpse of the adventure of Kat and Koo and what they are about to uncover as Koo gets Isekai’d.

Screen captures from Isekai Meta’s trailer — Exordium

The pre-production for Isekai Meta’s animation together with Studio 9 Lives has already started long before the launch of Isekai Meta’s Twitter account. In this light, we can say that the Sekai Map has started even prior to its mint and reveal. Now with Studio Sekai established, it’s time to go full steam on production.

Storyboard snippets by Studio Sekai

The pilot episode of which will set the tone for the rest of the brand and the series is currently in the works. The pilot episode is expected to be released within 2023 and with the animation being under pre-production, the team is already gearing towards the pitching of the series to different streaming platforms.

Isekai Meta’s Manga — Vol.1

The pre-production phase consists of the biggest chunk of the creation of Isekai Meta. Revolving around the main story created by Chev, the first volume of Isekai’s Manga has also started its production with involvement of a mangaka. Be on the lookout for the release of the Volume 1 of Isekai’s Manga this 2023 and take a guess, which essential characters do you think will be included?

A glimpse of the manga production

Community empowerment

As our community has grown over the last few months, we have noticed that the Web3 space is still facing the struggle of being an echo chamber. As such, we are looking to deploy resources for initiatives that will help achieve Isekai Meta’s vision and to further grow our audience. Since we’ve seen the formation of groups within the community, we will be recognizing these groups with intent to guide and support these decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) that are willing to empower the growth and development of Isekai Meta.

Moving forward — Anime Utility

The anime was always meant to be viewed with the masses.
But it was always meant to be built with the community.

Isekai Meta is more than its art and story — an immersive experience that enables the community to partake in its creation. In a way, the community can also experience what it’s like to be the protagonists and participate as co-producers in the project’s storytelling process.

As Sayres, Founder and Creative Director of Isekai Meta said:

First the team builds the story, and the community helps shapes it.
Then the community expands the story, and the team helps shape it.

Only but the tip of the iceberg

Behind any successful NFT are the team, its products, holders, and its community. We believe that the use of Web3 technology in building the story and universe of Isekai Meta, together with the community, fosters organic growth and broadens the horizon for what we could create in the future.

The OGs, supporters, core members and the members of our community will always be the foundations of Isekai Meta. There is more to come.

And this year, we will be re-ascending together.

P.S. Hmm. Some things were left here.

Quack. What can these be?