Happy like children.

Henry comes up with a ‘present’. A stone, paper he’s cut “All by myself”, a stick, an envelope with chalk in it, paper folded into a small ball, a lego ‘thing’, a drawing, the list goes on.

Freddie or Henry tell me about their thoughts, a spider, snail or slug, Minecraft, SpyClub, a rainbow, fireworks, this, that, the other.

Your experience with small children might be different but one thing is universal.

Children, especially small ones, just want to make you happy.

Have you noticed? Even when you’re grumpy or irritable they just want you to be happy. Perhaps they notice the delight on your face when they get a word right, say something ‘clever’ and are rewarded with your smile, weary as it may be, they are happy.

**They take great pleasure in making others happy**

When a child brings you a mud pie, shows you an indeterminate drawing, a lump of something, messy hands — they’re not trying to be clever or show you how fantastic they are. There is no arrogance, no crowing or boasting — they do those things because they know it makes you smile, it makes you happy. The “well done”, “good boy” they recieve is mere decoration, seeing you smile is what they like.

Excuse me for a while — Henry and I are blowing rasberries at each other — now where was I.. children are happy when we’re happy. But they don’t just wait for us to be happy all by itself, *they try and make us happy*.

This is not always the case of course but be like a child, be happy when you see happiness in others and more importantly, make people happy. Be delighted when you make others delighted. Get that joy, that spark of life and energy when you’ve done something to make someone smile. **Make people happy**.

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