How I was blue and how I was not.

This morning I was blue. Black may be a better description to be honest. The whole what’s the point black dog thing.

Nevertheless things have to be done so it was kids to school as normal and then the plan was gym in my few hours of free time.

On the way to the gym I pulled over to reply to a text and found myself contemplating the black nothingness for nearly an hour. After a while I finally dragged myself to the gym and did 2000m on the rowing machine which took me just over 10 minutes.

Still blue. Then usual daily jobs, kids, laundry, lunch etcetera.

I’ve picked up the big one now. Because it’s such a lovely afternoon I brought stale bread for the ducks. We’ve come to a park we’ve never been to before but it has ducks, found in and around a wild and wooly pond area. Nearby is a huge play area with a massive jungle gym and many other play things and a big grassy picnic area.

A goose ate out of my hand and Henry’s and they surrounded us in the grass at one point. We watched a moorhen take bread back to her fluffy black chicks many times, saw a duck fight and a goose rip some feathers out of a duck too. Told you it was a wild and wooly pond!

Now under blue sky peppered with fluffy whites I’m sitting in the play area watching my older son look after his little brother on the jungle gym. I can hear children playing, birdsong and the geese.

I’m no longer plagued by the black dog. I’m no longer blue.

I don’t know why I get blue but I think I’m starting to understand how I am not.

Thanks for reading.

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