Musings 25 Jan 2017 — calling time on musings.

I’m calling time on the whole Musings things and just gonna write every day.

Hopefully I carry on every day but this way I can take a day off once in a while. This Sunday just gone for example was busy.

This will also improve the quality too. Hopefully.

Finally, I can then title posts with a better title than the mangled ‘Musings…’ mess that it currently is.

Last but not least, this is something I thought of or saw or have paraphrased — it was in my notes — which I think is thought provoking.

“capitalism demands competition — competition fuels conflict — conflict leads to destruction”

R! :)

p.s. It would mean the world to me to get more reads and followers and even criticism — I am @isemann on Twitter. Thanks.

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