If you are stressed, PLEASE read on.

There is a ton of confusion out there when it comes to meditation. Most people think it is some kind of spiritual woowoo and nothing could be further from the truth. Study after study has shown that meditation directly impacts your body physically, and some of the impacts are semi-permanent or permanent which is truly amazing, especially if you’re in high stress situations.

I don’t think anyone doubts that stress does damage to your body. You can feel it — tension in your stomach, a tight neck and shoulders, lack of sleep, exhaustion. Stress causes hormonal changes in your body and the creation of a molecule called nuclear factor kappa which causes inflammation that eventually leads to mental health issues like depression and diseases like cancer.

Given that stress causes physical problems and disease, isn’t it therefore logical that alleviating stress through techniques like meditation reduces disease? The answer is YES!

The next obvious question is — can we measure it? Again, the answer is YES!

A recent study by researchers at the Centre for Psychology at Coventry University in the United Kingdom were able to measure this molecule to determine how practises like meditation impact its production.

This 11 year study showed that meditation, yoga, Tai-chi and other similar practises reduce the production of nuclear factor kappa!

This is a stunning finding.

It means that meditation and similar practises directly improve your physical and mental health and reduce the changes of depression, anxiety, cancer and other diseases.

I invite you to read a more detailed article here with links and more information: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/317946.php

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