This e-mail was sent to Provost Joe Helble in response to his e-mail cancelling offline classes for the Summer of 2020, while maintaining as per his previous communications that we will be charged in full for tuition.

Dear Provost Helble,

I was not entirely surprised to hear about the summer, but I for one cannot brook the possibility that we will be assessed a (not so nominal) $20,000 for the summer — even though the library is shut, the Hop is closed, and the Hood is cloistered in its corner. The campus is an integral part of the Dartmouth experience…

Toward the end of 19F, I spoke with John Tuthill, Meg Sheehan, and Lucia Martin of the Upper Valley Clean Air Committee, a collection of concerned neighbors and Upper Valley residents working to educate the community about biomass. Excerpts from the interview will be posted in three parts, and were compiled and transcribed by Ari Chadda ’22 for Dartblog.

John Tuthill: The Upper Valley Clean Air Committee came together following a series of forums by the college about the biomass project. So, a group of people started meeting and doing quite a lot of research on the issue of biomass…

Ryan Schiller is a junior at Yale studying mathematics and global affairs. He founded Librex (, a mobile app for iPhone and Android, with Arthur Azvolinsky, a senior at Yale studying mathematics and computer science. Librex is an anonymous discussion feed for colleges — much like Bored@Baker for those old enough to remember. Librex launched at Yale in September 2019 and expanded to Dartmouth on March 5. In the first three days since its launch, over 800 Dartmouth students have signed up for Librex.

Q1: What motivated you to start Librex?

A1: When my friends and I would talk about…

Well, not exactly. According to the College, no one in the state of New Hampshire has been officially diagnosed with the flu that apparently worked its way out of snakes into a bat and then into a human. Sound familiar?

A few hours after Valley News and WMUR broke news of suspected cases, Mark Reed and the Dartmouth College Health Service put out a statement that read: “We are not aware of any confirmed cases at Dartmouth or in New Hampshire.”

Two individuals are currently being monitored and quarantined. The one closest to Dartmouth being at Lebanon, barely a few…

A member of the local community was kind enough to permit yours truly to republish this cartoon on the pages of Dartblog. You saw it here first!

I must thank the responsible community member for their creativity and stringent refusal to greenwash. I wish I could say the same about Rosi Kerr and Dartmouth, but that’s another tale for another day …

Joseph Januszewicz contributed to the reporting of this article.

Jewel of India | Courtesy Photo

Jewel of India, another beloved Dartmouth and Upper Valley staple that has fed generations of students for almost three decades since it first started serving North Indian food in 1992, is primed for closure after their lease runs out in June 2020.

The last six months have been tragic for academia, particularly in the humanities. January 12, 2020, marked the passing of Sir Roger Scruton, the accomplished British philosopher and aesthetician who was regarded, much like Harold Bloom — who passed away only a few months before on October 14, 2019— as a public intellectual par extraordinaire.

Scruton was widely regarded as a conservative philosopher and intellectual, but the vicious charge of elitism could not be levelled against him, for he was born and raised in inner-city Manchester, and went to grammar school on a generous scholarship, and continued to win another…

And this time, it has managed to anger one of Dartmouth’s most important groups of employees, without which the College’s ancillary activities would grind to a halt: the custodians.

Many custodians were blindsided by this notice, posted inside of McKenzie. According to a reliable College employee, the parking lot shift is “meaningless red tape intended to provide something for pencil pushers to do.” According to our monitoring of the aforementioned parking lot is barely occupied — the highest number of cars we spotted during a weekday, at most hours, was 3 in a parking lot designed for more than 20…

Previous Dartblog articles have covered the extent to which Rosi Kerr ’98, the director of the Sustainability Office, ‘creatively’ manipulated carbon baselines so Dartmouth could seem much greener than it actually was, and on her contributions toward greenwashing the woody biomass plant the College wanted to build. While the College disavowed the plan in early October last year, promising to explore alternative and cleaner ways of generating energy to heat and provide electricity for Dartmouth’s campus, it seems to have conveniently forgotten that pledge once the community’s opposition to the biomass plant quietened down.

A Hanover resident was kind enough…

What happened today in Associate Professor Paul D. Young’s class on Film History should never have happened—ever. Multiple sources in the class, entitled FS22.02: Film History III (1960–1990), wrote to yours truly describing the use of significant class time for political campaigning and presentations from those outside of class, with the tacit approval of the professor.

Paul Young | Courtesy of Dartmouth College

Prof. Young, the chair of the Film and Media studies department, permitted approximately 10 minutes of his class time in BVAC 001 during the 2A period today to be used by members of the ‘New Hampshire Youth Movement’ [website] to posture on clearly partisan…

Ishaan H. Jajodia

Art History major, Govt and English minor; Dartmouth ’20. Publisher, Dartblog.

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