We have a ship date!

3 min readDec 22, 2018

Heidi and I love beautiful planners and we love iOS apps, so 3 years ago we started a project to build beautiful planners on iOS. We are thrilled to announce that Capsicum has been approved for sale on the App Store. The App Review team is on holiday from Dec 23–27 and we’ll be launching when they return on Dec 28th.

We want you try it before you buy it… without strings

For a long time, developers have wanted to offer free trials in the App Store. We don’t quite have the ability out of the box. Apps with subscriptions are allowed to offer trials, but you’re billed at the end of the trial automatically if you don’t cancel. I’ve never liked that. It likely leads to more subscriptions, but It feels like you’re being tricked and, in fact, lately, there has been a lot of news about how nefarious parties are using this method to scam customers. We only want you to subscribe if you want to support us. We don’t want to trick you into it. Capsicum offers a 14-day free trial that doesn’t automatically bill you when the trial expires. When the trial expires, the data that you’ve entered will still be readable, but you won’t be able to add anymore without a subscription. Sound fair? Well, we’ll do you one better. Those 14 days don’t have to be consecutive. So, if you try Capsicum for the first time on a Friday, and then don’t use it again until the following Wednesday, you’ll still have 12-trial days left. We love our customers and we want you to have an actual trial that doesn’t feel pressured.

Aww… another subscription? But why????

Over the last decade, apps have changed quite a bit. Once upon a time when an app shipped it was pretty much done. In that world, paid-up-front apps with a one time fee made a lot of sense. Those days are pretty much behind us. The launch of Capsicum is just the beginning of what we have planned for it. We will be updating it quite a bit over time and have a pretty long roadmap ahead of us. We’re using subscriptions a way to support the ongoing development. We hope that Capsicum is an app that you find useful to your daily life. If you do, we’d appreciate your support. If you don’t, no hard feelings. The subscription probably wouldn’t make sense for you and that’s ok.
We love you anyhow.

We could use help getting the word out

If you’ve used Capsicum (we’ve had an open beta for a few months) and like what we’re doing or if you’re just interested in supporting us, we’d love it if you’d help us get the word out. We’re going to to be talking about it a lot over the next week and especially on the launch day. We’d love it you’d retweet and share our posts. We’re so excited!

Happy Holidays!

Heidi & Ish




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