What it’s like to lose a single AirPod

Grrrr. So, I finally lost an AirPod. Not the way I expected. It didn’t fall out of my ear. They don’t fall out ever. Well, except for when I hug someone. I give good solid hugs, which have been known to dislodge an AirPod. I just remove them before hugging now. Anyhow, after paying for lunch yesterday, I stepped forward and felt something beneath my right foot. When I lifted it, I saw my right AirPod. About 3 ft (1 m) behind them I saw the open case on the pale gray floor. I guess when I put my wallet in my pocket and then withdrew my hand, I pulled out my AirPods case as well. I searched all over. The cashier and a few patrons got involved. We all looked but came up empty-handed. I even tried Find My AirPods to no avail.

Could be worse

Luckily there is a process in place for replacing a single AirPod. While new AirPods themselves are still backordered several weeks. My local Apple Store had replacement parts in stock. Well in a way. They’re not stocked on shelves. A Genius Bar appointment was required. Luckily I came in early and was able to see a Genius within a few minutes. The replacement pod is $69. Not cheap. Better than buying a new set and waiting six weeks, though.

Blended Family

The interesting part of this ordeal is the pairing of the new left pod with the existing case and right pod.

The new pod comes with instructions saying to put the pod in the case, plug the case in and manually pair using the button on the back of the case. Well, it’s not quite that easy, but not too laborious. Apparently, the winning combination is having the case plugged in and holding down on the pairing button for 60 seconds.

Back in action

The truth is, I often use only one AirPod, but something about not having the option to use two left me feeling incomplete. I’m still grumbling about the price a bit, but I’m glad there was a replacement option.

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