WTF? Rejected over Acronyms in Screenshots

WTF (well that figures), my latest version of Stamp Pack was rejected… twice. It was metadata rejected because the screenshots contained text that showed acronyms like “(WTF, AF, IDGAF, etc)”.

The Premise

WTF (well that’s fair), Apple wants a safe environment for users of all ages to be able to browse the store and not be exposed to porn or profanity. I’m a dad. I get it. I champion it. All screenshots, icons and app previews have to be appropriate for ages 4+.

Are Acronyms Profane?

WTF (what’s the first) thing to come to mind when you see those letters? I bet it’s not what a 4 year old sees. I certainly don’t want to corrupt the minds of children. That said, I don’t think seeing “WTF” corrupts the mind of a child. That’s more of an adult’s projection, no?


Say I’m wrong though, say “WTF” is inappropriate, profane and has no business on the App Store. Then WTF? (Where’s the fairness?) Do a search for “WTF” on the App Store and see what comes up. A long list of apps with that acronym as a part of their icon and more often a part of the app name itself. This was probably the 6th update of Stamp Pack to include these acronyms in the screenshots, and it never had a problem before? What changed? If this a new policy that will impact everyone equally, then ok. I accept that. But if the rules are so fluid that one product can get rejected for having the acronym show up in a screenshot while others app have it as a part of their brand, then seriously, WTF?

So currently, Stamp Pack is waiting for review and all of the screenshots have been updated. This is actually a good thing because we just added a bunch of new functionality and the screenshots should have been updated anyhow… but still. Also here are the screenshots that lead to rejection.