WWDC 2017 Shirt

Available at Cotton Bureau

This year hasn’t turned out quite how I planned, and not just WWDC leaving San Fancisco and returning to San Jose. After working on Stamp Pack last year, Heidi and I came up with an idea of making FILE A RADAR stamp gear for the conference. WWDC has become an annual pilgrimage for me and a chance to hang out with friends I normally only get to see on Twitter. I was very much looking forward to the event this year, but as 2016 drew to an end I was devastated to learn that my wife has cancer. This news has changed lots of plans. WWDC for me this year is up in the air. At a minimum, I’ll be rocking a FILE A RADAR shirt during the keynote, even if I end up streaming it at home. The campaign for these shirts starts today and ends on March 14. If you order one, send me a selfie of you rocking it. You can pick it up at Cotton Bureau.


Oh, we also made stickers. I’m not normally a sticker person but these are vinyl, removal and washable so I’m all in.

Sticker: http://bit.ly/RadarStamp