Basic Supplies To Be Added In An Emergency Survival Kit

Having a basic emergency survival kit ready is easy, essential, and the responsible thing to do. These kits prepare you for when sudden disasters occur in your home. A complete kit will help individuals and families to survive under the conditions that occur as a result of natural disasters. The contents of emergency supply kits are meant to help you and your family deal with the consequences of a natural disaster.

In this blog you will learn about what items should be in any emergency disaster kit to ensure your survival. While there is not a direct list of items, there are a numbers of things that are common in all kits, and others that can be added based on personal preferences, disaster scenarios and your particular circumstances. The most important thing to remember when deciding on which items to include is where the items will be used. Will it be in your home? Out trekking? Or perhaps when camping? The location where the kit will be used will help you to focus in on the things that will be needed in each different set of circumstances.

Any basic kit should have these recommended items at the very least:

Water and Food

To stay safe and healthy, everyone requires a good amount of water and food. The importance of having adequate amounts of both is even more important in an emergency when they can suddenly be hard to get. You will not be able to survive for long without them, so be sure that any survival kit has adequate water and food for the duration of any possible disaster.


Fire-starters are one of the most basic and important survival items that will help you in disaster scenarios, especially in ones involving water where matches might get wet. These electric fire-starters will light anywhere in any circumstances, so they are much better than matchboxes for any survival kit.


Every survival kit should have a fixed blade or solid cutting knife. A pocket knife may be adequate if it is supplemented by other things you have in your bag. You can also choose to use a multipurpose knife that can protect you from other additional situations. Any disaster equipment provider will be able to supply you with a variety of knives for your situation.

Flashlight and Extra Batteries

Headlamps and LED lights are some of the best companions in emergency situations. They provide adequate light for people stuck in dark places with no lighting. They can also be useful outdoors when the sun is down. It is important to always have a lot of extra batteries to ensure that these lights can stay running the whole time that you need them.

First Aid Items

Every emergency supply kit should have at least a few basic items for first aid that will help protect you from injuries to an extent. These items should include sterile gauze, band aids, tape, among many other possible items. First aid items will be helpful whether you are outdoors or at home when disaster strikes.

This list of a few basic survival items is meant to give you a starting idea of what you will need in any disaster kit. These small yet critical items can fit into any backpack. You can add more items based on your circumstances and preferences. Be sure that you kit is easily transportable, as you may need to move from the location where you store your bag.