Ideals — The “killin us” in whats killing us.

On a foundation of known scenarios are built constructs of multiple values expected to be active in the most valuable prioritization of resolving said scenarios.

Those constructs are ideals.

Too often are ideals referred to in their present construction as being themselves perfect. The word used as metaphor for said perfection is itself ‘ideal’, evidence of flaw in thinking. Without investigation, how can we possibly fathom what is healthy about the ideal?

To look at ideal, we can deconstruct the two fundamental ideals when considering principle. Good and Evil. I won’t be waiting for an introduction.

We’ll start off a little naughty. Evil is that entity that comes to burn down your house, salt your lover, and rape your animals.

Some other behaviors that are classified as evil are rape (aside from the aforementioned beastiality), theft, murder, cursing your enemies with bad luck, and the application of hate as total.

So how can such diversity come under a singular arrayed reference called evil? If given a fast, loose, and sloppy comparison; the first thing that sticks out is that all behaviors displayed are behaviors that make one a dysfunctional unit in a functioning society.

But what if I’m wrong? I would pose to you this; can evil ever be good?

Can it ever be good for you that you and your nation slaughtered innocents? How much food did they have?

Can it ever be good for you that you and your fellows broke your commandments for a holy war? What was infidel?

Is the murder of another life-form ever justified? Are you so privileged as to be able to justify that you could always live without it, under any circumstances?

The values of evil are easy to isolate and cross-compare; and good no less. While being fast and loose; if we can say that evil is that collection of values which are detrimental to a functioning society, we can also say good is that collection of values which are beneficial to a functioning society. Sex a plenty, industrious working, not making unsupportable babies, etc and so on. Under the circumstances in which one must be selfish in order to reproduce, which is life itself, it can promote the survival of everything you hold dear to put your own wellbeing before the good of others. This is how evil reproduces.

Ideals are so easy to digest because they are literally bulleted lists of values. Bulleted lists, being tiny narratives concisely constructed, work perfectly with our learning physiology. Ideals easily digested and poorly understood are a quick and clean recipe for ez-bake violence; and now you are one step closer to understanding racism.

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