I am dying to be with someone right now. But i can’t just let anyone walk into my life and become such a huge part of it.

My need to feel another human touch my soul is beyond what words can describe. I long for that connection. Where silence can speak much more than words ever can.

I know i will find someone, everyone eventually does. But the fear is that i don’t think i would be able to open myself up to her when our paths cross. Oh what would i do, if that’s the only time they pass through it. That would be a tragedy i am most fearful of.

I wonder what she might be thinking right now. Is she peacefully asleep or as engulfed in thought as i am right now. And if she is, then what is she thinking? 
It's just like those childhood days when i used to stare at the moon and think that the love of my life is looking at the same moon right now and that somehow someday the moon will just tell her what i never can...

O soul mate, lover or friend - whoever you are, wherever you are, know this - O beautiful stranger, I love you, with all my heart. Know this, you are cared for. I will hold your hand when we walk and would listen when you talk. We would be together someday and will create a life that we can both look upon at our final moments, smile and say " Yes, we lived it all."

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