Hello, Welcome to my Self-Help Blog series!

I have read a lot of books about self-development and self-help during my studies in school. In this first blog, I’m going to write about the importance of “TIME” and importance of the question “WHY?”.


TIME is ticking away.’ We have a limited amount of time in this life. And literally, it is the most important resource a human being can have. Nowadays, humans have forgotten that they are mortal. We can die at any moment. Most of us are living as if they have an unlimited supply of time or they are immortal. The day you’ll realize this, you’ll stop all the unworthy things you’re doing and start living more responsibly. A famous Chinese adage states,

“An inch of time is an inch of gold. But an inch of gold cannot buy an inch of time”.

It implies the bitterest truth of this mundane world that time is the greatest wealth and no price it can be recovered.

We all are doing something or the other every time. But, when you ask yourself at the end of the day ‘What I have gained today?’ or ‘Have I improved myself in any way?’, the answer most of us will find is that we haven’t done much throughout the day which we can call worthwhile.

So, now what is the solution for all this?

Whenever you’re starting something, ask this question to yourself: ‘WHY? Why should I do this?’ ‘Is this worth my time?’ If the answer is yes, then do it with full involvement or don’t do it. Most of the times we are doing our things half-heartedly which don’t even produce much of a profit for us. This should be like a binary system where there is 1 or 0, not any midway.

Imagine if you’re diagnosed with a deathly disease say, cancer, furthermore you only have a month left. Then, the first thing that will come to you is ‘Have I lived well?’ or in other words ‘Am I ready to die?’. And at that time if you realize that you haven’t done much and you regret about it, it’s of no use. So, every time before you go to your bed, think as if this is your “deathbed”, and introspect ‘The way I have handled these 24 hours, is it worthwhile?’ If you do this you’ll definitely live a worthwhile life!

I personally practice this and it works pretty well for me. These things seem to be very small. But these small changes can make a great difference!

Thanks for reading!