A walk in the dark

This story was a result of an improv game that I played with my friends while on a vacation in Korea. The game is simple. Each person, when their turn arrives, has to continue the story by just saying one sentence. A lot of funny, interesting and imaginative ideas are born.

The night was dark and still, and they were walking hand in hand. It had been a long summer day, and they were tired. Darkness like a swelling ocean had engulfed the horizon and everything that came in its way. Yet, there was a sense of calm and comfort here. She was away from the world of lights, things, people and expectations. Here in the darkness there was no man no woman, no river no sea, no human no animal, just complete darkness, where everyone is just the same.

Her trance broke with the sudden rustling of leaves. She became restless at the thought of losing this darkness. The outline of what appeared to be a man came closer and then she heard a loud thud sound. His grip on her hand broke, and she skipped a heart beat. Another thud. He fell. Time stopped.. 3.. 2.. 1… She looked around but nothing. Then something with a strong momentum hit her on her face.

Thud! She felt like she just landed from a never ending fall right on the bed. It woke her up. Strange night, strange dreams. Yet, all she was upset about was losing the darkness. She turned around and there he was, her partner from last night, with the dragon tatoo on his back. What a spectacular work of art. It was the most beautiful rendition of a dragon she had ever seen. It had the wingspan thrice the size of its torso, and a neck twice as long. But it was the eyes that got her, it had big beautiful emerald eyes, full of fear and courage. “You can always tell a dragon by his eyes, they tell you wether he is going to be a friend or an enemy”, her mother used to tell her. This one was a friend.

She felt the wetness on the bed. Was it a hot sweaty night? Did they have sex? She was still fully clothed. She looked below the sheet that covered them. The bed was crimson in blood. She clenched her hands in disgust and realized her firm hold on a dagger hilt in her left hand. A chill went down her spine. Could she have? She supressed the thought. She quickly turned him around. Hers jaws dropped in shock. He was covered in blood still fresh and gaping from holes in his chest emptying his heart out. She had seen this before, this exact scene. “It cant be true”, she thought tp herself.

She felt disgusted from all the blood, and felt something rising up her stomach.. flushing her throat, out of her mouth and all over the bed. She couldnt take it anymore and jumped out of the bed, opened the door and ran downstairs. The hall was full of girls, dressed in exotic frilly underwear if at all, and men, big men with big beards all over these women. She had seen this before as well. Was it true? It was her great grandmothers legend but how could it be her? Lost in her thought, she hardly noticed a big heavy woman who had a owners gait switfly pacing towards her. The heavy women had a stern determined expression, with no room for kindness. And then, thud! Thud! Thud! A bullet hit her right in the head, she fell to the ground as it shook by her wait. The hall was silent, and in shock. The clock was ticking but time had stopped.

The doors thrashed open, and a familiar voice cried, “Queen! We have come here to save you and bring you back to Gallactica. Come with us!”. It was the captian of her army, the toughest man in the universe. She walked up to him, thinking is she the queen who takes orders from others? There was a beautilful black car waiting for them outside. She went inside and sat at the back, and the captain took the drivers seat. She looked out of the window, and all she could see endless space, full of stars and in the distance her home, Gallactica, where her people awaited their Queen.

The captain broke her silence, “My queen, I am glad you are safe. We have a meeting with Queen Elizabeth of Earth in 3 hours. All the intergallactic press is going to be present, we have to make it there. I apologise to put you through this, but we have to do this for your people. They need you”. “For my people”, she sighed. She never wanted to be queen, but after her father left them, his people and his kingship, she had no choice. She started getting changed for her queens life and responsibilities.

She is in a room walking on a red carpet, towards the endearing Queen Elizabeth, but there are armed soldiers all around them, and Queen Elizabeth shouts , “Shoot!”. She woke up wide eyed, with her heart knocking on her chest begging to escape. The previous premonitions had come true, the guy covered in blood, the hall of prostitues, and now her death. Did she have the dragon eye like her great grandmother. Could she see the future? She was excited for a moment, but if it were true her excitement and she herself will not last long. She had only one option, to kill Elizabeth before she kills her, but that would start a war between Earth and Gallactica. People will die on both sides. She knows her people will win in the end because of their advanced military, but it will come at a great cost. If she doesnt kill Elizabeth, she will kill her, and with no Queen, Earth will once again take over Gallactica and enslave everyone. Her grandfather had fought long and hard for the Gallacticans and thier independence. There was only one choice, War!

She had the Gallactic blood, and the skill to stop time for 3 seconds which she had learned while serving the Gallactic army. It was the secret weapon of the Gallactic army developed after years of research, and takes sometimes upto 15 years to master. She had learned it in less than 2 years and become the youngest and the fastest Gallactican to achieve “time parity”. She had made her decision and chosen the weapon of action, a shoe dagger, which gets concealed in her shoes, and no scanner in the universe can detect it.

They reached Earth and parked the black beauty outside the Queen’s palace. The queens men welcomed her. She looked spectacular in her long and flowing dress beffiting the queen. She was escorted to the queens court. The heavy wooden doors opened. She had read about “wood”, an interesting compound found on Earth which they love to use as furniture. She never understood, the rationale behind a lot of things that happened on Earth. Somehow efficiency, the core value of Gallactica was completely ignored on Earth. Maybe thats why since Gallactica’s independence it has become the leading planet in the universe, while Earth had a slowing and ageing economy. The doors opened, to a massive hall inside, again decked with paintings, chandaliers and all things unneccsary. The most expensive stuff here had zero value in Gallactica, while the technology made at Gallactica is the most imported thing on Earth.

Queen elizabeth was sitting on her throne, beautiful and calm. She got up to welcome her. She had seen this before.. It looked the same. The dragon eye must be true. She will have to kill Elizabeth or let her people be slaves again. She walked towards Elizabeth. They both shook hands as gracefully as royalty does, with the right amount of firmness to show strength, and the right amount of smile to show respect. Both had determined faces with a tinge of confusion. They had a plan, but were trying to figure out the others. What if her premonition was a lie? She could be the cause of a lot of suffering, but maybe it is time the Earthlings paid thier dues. The time was now, every milisecond was important. She took a deep breadth, clenched her eyes and time stopped. 3… She lifted her foot in a flash and grabbed the knife. 2… She pulled it back to gain momentum and aimed right at the Elizabeth’s heart. 1… Suddenly a face she knew very well, and had once loved appeared from behind the Elizabeth and she froze, unable to move at all. Queen Elizabeth cried in pain and fell down on the floor, blood flowing from her back. Behind her, was her dad, the rightful king of Gallactica. He was standing there, still, with a faint apologetic smile, looking at her daughter like a proud father.