The ISIS Guide to Talent Management

ISIS has developed a sophisticated and effective propaganda machine which helps them attract a wide variety of dedicated recruits to their cause. They seem to enjoy extreme success in recruiting top talent, especially among Westerners.

Here’s the ISIS Guide to Talent Management, a tried and tested way to attract the best employees to your organisation (whatever your business).

1.Target the Right People

ISIS has zoned in on the perfect ‘target group’ for their recruits. They tend to be young, disillusioned with their way of life and lacking a sense of identity. ISIS promises to fulfill the primary human need of belonging. The image portrayed for foreign recruits is a sense of camaraderie, good morale and purposeful activity mixed with a sense of heroism.

Analyse the role you’re hiring for and understand the personality traits it requires and target the candidates keeping them in mind.

2.Come up with a Fantastic Mission Statement

You might wonder what earthly reason could possess westerners to give up their cushy life and go and fight in war-torn countries? A simple message regularly broadcasted by ISIS on social media, “You have to join. It’s your religious duty.”

Spend some time thinking about that one key statement that will make your company the only option in the minds of your choice candidates.

3.Offer Great Perks

ISIS keenly portrays a “whole society” image and tries to show that recruits will be entering a stable and wealthy nation state with ISIS passports, ‘police’ displaying a black flag and an abundance of wealth and prosperity even promising recruits housing with free electricity and water.

You cannot attract great talent without offering good perks. This doesn’t necessarily mean a very high salary. Maybe you can have a well-planned performance based bonus or paid holidays or skill development and excellent opportunity for growth.

4.Promote an Equal Opportunity Organisation

ISIS is always keen to portray itself as an organisation for everyone and constantly emphasizes the need for people of all skill-sets from engineers to doctors.

Don’t always dismiss people lacking the obvious skill. A skill can easily be acquired, a personality however cannot. Hire for potential that you see in the individual.

5.Encourage a Sense of Belonging

ISIS encourages the feeling that joining them will make recruits part of something bigger and ‘something special’. They encourage the idea that recruits will be fulfilling the noble purpose of establishing an Islamic State and fulfilling their religious duty.

Be sure to encourage a feeling of belonging among all your employees. Show them importance of their role in the larger organisation and how valuable their contribution is.

6.Be active on Social Media

ISIS is extremely active on Twitter, Facebook and various social media channels. They use them very effectively to increase their following. Their recruitment videos resemble high quality Hollywood action flick trailers.

Focus on your public relations and ensure your public profile will make you an active option for your target candidates. Make sure you’re active and up to date on all your social media channels.

7.Be the Best

Extremist groups like ISIS tend to attract the most foreign fighters. This is because they tend to be better organised, more inclusive and better financed than the more moderate groups. Their successes in battle so far has added to their glamour.

To be able to attract the best and most sought after talent, you must make yourself the most attractive option for them and successfully differentiate yourself from the competition.