How Budgeting Motivated Me To Donate More

For some time now I have been committed to the philosophical idea of socialism:

Sharing resources to promote success on an individual as well as societal level.

I recently moved to an expensive city for a new job and since then my budget has been in a havoc.

While taking a hard look at my spending I saw something I didn’t expect - frivolous expenses. A lot of them. From impromptu food truck meals, to the second “just in case” phone cover, they were littered all over my purchases.

I realized that I was making a choice to spend my money on things that are not adding much value to my life.

And then a thought struck: What would happen if I spent that money instead to help someone or something I actually cared about? Still selfish, but at least I’ll have the opportunity to help someone achieve a goal or a dream.

Inspired by Giving Tuesday, I decided to finally make that Patreon account I’d been pushing off and pledge to give to some brilliant creators I follow.

I can’t afford to give much - only a drop in the bucket. But a drop is better than nothing.

The idea of sharing resources isn’t new or revolutionary. I’m glad that tech has made it so niche easier to identify and support causes. I just hope more that people can look at their budget and feel good about where that money goes.