Marketing to Rural India

The simple logo I designed for our filter.

Now that our product’s design has been completed and we have an idea of how we plan to make the water filter look and function, I have been assigned with the task of creating a consumer concept in order to build a profile around the emotional and functional benefits of Amrit Pani. I’m very excited behind the prospect of this because I have always had an interest in the marketing aspect of starting one’s own business.

My boss has given me a small lesson in writing a consumer concept. A concept is simply the marketing tool one uses to communicate a new idea to consumers so they can offer constructive feedback. The concept is extremely important in the sense that they position the product for the prioritised target audience who, in this case, are villagers in rural India. With this creative development, one slowly builds up the ideas behind which the brand stands for. The key components of a concept are the consumer insight, the functional benefit, which acts as a discriminator and allows your product to stand out from the rest, the emotional benefit and lastly, the reason to believe — the essence of what one is trying to sell. Together these combine to form the concept statement, which demonstrates to the consumer the rationale for purchase through appealing to the consumers heads and hearts in a way that is single minded, unique and connects to the brand’s larger message.

For Amrit Pani, the key was to demonstrate to the consumers the archaic understanding that they posses regarding clear water being safe water. It was then important to simply explain, with the help of a diagram the three filtration components and the added benefit they offered. The emotional hook of the marketing concept relied on the value of family and the idea that contaminated water can easily cause a child to miss a day of school. I worked with this idea to form a number of concepts that I showed to my boss. He then helped me in altering the English such that it could be easily understood and translated to a variety of different languages, in the aims of the product’s international potential reach. I worked to format the concept into a document that was attractive and informative.

The first page of the concept. Introducing the product and it’s benefits.
The second page. Instructional aspect.

I’ve found the marketing aspect of innovation extremely exciting. It is enjoyable for me to apply business sense to that of understanding the human condition. I have always had a passion for graphic design and laying ideas out on a page, and this allowed me to do that through forming a logo for Amrit Pani. I also thoroughly enjoyed creating an image for the brand and working with our designer in Delhi to create a concept that flowed well and offered up all the information that was needed.

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