Water Week

This week I had the pleasure of attending the SIngapore International Water Week as a representative of the BOP Hub. There is an urgent need for inexpensive methods to purify drinking water in developing countries to reduce the incidence of illnesses caused by waterborne pathogens. Globally, 780 million people lack access to clean water and this poses life-threatening consequences through the spread of diseases from bacteria like E.coli to coliform. It’s extremely important that a variety of people from different industries come together to innovate creative solutions that plague our world’s population.

At the convention, there were a variety of industry professionals and stakeholders from the global water industry to share their innovative products, the best practices, latest technologies and network. I was very lucky that the expo was held in Singapore during my internship as I was able to experience a large scale tradeshow and meet a number of people who are excited by the prospect of creating an ecosysstem of clean water for everyone and environmentally sustainable water solutions that are cheap and universally available. SIWW is part of the strategic programme of the Singapore Government to grow the water industry and develop water technologies. It was great to see a government sponsored event that was designed specifically in the aims of combatting a largescale environmental problem.

I saw a number of technologies that we utilized in the creation of Amrit Pani, ranging from activated charcoal manufacturers to those making filters based on reverse osmosis technology. All of these creators seemed extremely passionate about their shared causes and through conversation I was able to learn their individual entrepreneurship stories. It was interesting for me to see that our filter stood out from the rest in the sense that it was designed specifically for rural BOP populations. It is designed with the water collection eco-system in mind and requires absolutely no electrical connection, unlike many of the filters at the convention. Furthermore, the low price point was something I didn’t see a lot of at the convention. All in all, I’m extremely honored to have been part of this globally recognised event and a part of the platform that shapes Singapore’s thought leadership. I am excited to attend many more conventions and form strong bonds with people who are equally driven and passionate about specific causes.