Magic - Let’s fly !

With billions of people and trillions of dreams
India is the most complex nation it seems

With traffic on every road , each train filled to the brim
It is a place where hope seems slim

Imagine a new world I dare you to
Where space is used wisely, plenty of place to move

The land is free for the kids to play
No honks, more trees, indeed a peaceful way

And when we look up we watch in awe
As flying cars move people without flaw

They fly on current, powered by our sun
No traffic no signals, in harmony as one

Automated magic a fluent flow in the sky
The technology is here, we haven’t innovated yet. I wonder why

As my imagination begins to drift further
There’s a pause, a beep. My eyes open in wonder…

But disappointment syncs in, I’m moving underground
In a metro with thousand stares, no sound

We are so accustomed to todays ways, So busy to dream, afraid what they might say

So here’s me saying, writing from the soul
As the dream to make our cities fly consumes me whole.