To my Brother, with Love. . ❤

This is my first blog and I want to dedicate it to the most beautiful, loved and caring person in my life, my sweet little brother. The first time I saw you was when I was 3, though I was not young enough to understand the bond between you and me but I was emotional enough to feel the happiness and joy when I first held you in my hands. I was happy not as you are too beautiful(though you are) but the happiness was because I feel that you were there only for me, not for anyone else.

I used to hold you in my arms for hours after coming back from school, look around to you as if I was your only guardian. I feel like the bond that we share now, starts from the day I first saw you. Although I don’t remember all the time of the childhood but still I manage to know lot of childhood instance through our parents.

Its been 23 years living and sharing all ups and down of my life with you, gossiping around but still sometime it feels as if you are not my brother but a copy of me. You understand me better than anyone else, you love me more than anyone and I always feel blessed for it.

It seems to be very strange to me that living together all the time till now ,we haven’t picked up a fight even once in those years, though logically we should have pulled each other hairs :)

I have always loved you more than how much I loved my parents and I know you love me more than that. I still remember the day you call me up on my birthday and share a picture of your wrist with a tattoo of my birth date. I will never be able to share the emotions that I had. I never thought that you will engrave something like that on your body and will live with that for your life. This blog is for you little boy so that we can re-read it in future when we both will be busy in our own life with our careers and family. I want it to be a reminder of the love that we have shared for so long.

I loved you yesterday, I love you today and I will love you tomorrow.