A Letter To You…


“A month before while I messaged you for the first time,I never knew that this conversation will come along like a beautiful start of a friendship.

Knowing a soul who have a zeal inside him to earn the sky by the time step by step. Who is not only passionate for his work, but to live life as it comes and to make it versatile with his efforts of being what he is. Though the reason behind this friendship is simply the wonderful, pure, and the most humble soul we both are in love with. Yet, for me every person matters whom I’m connected with.

Sharing Vikas, experience with him, loving and respecting him as a Guru is a different zone. However, for me being your friend is something more than a pilled up string which connect every page of that book.

With the flow, in a month my observation said to me he is an another school who can treat you to guide you on many edges of life. All the ingredients of life, every essence of it is there in him.

Where life say me always choose your people, I choose you as one of the flower of my bunch to be.

I don’t know that where the flow of this friendship will take us. However, what I know is my efforts will never let you down, my expressions will always tell you that how deep and strong I wish my every relation to be. May it be via my words or my deeds.

Be the way you are, this makes it easy to learn you as a human, as the soul you’re. Wish you all the happiness, strength, success, and ability to put the efforts and achieve your goals more and more…”

Lots of Love… I: ☺

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