And he choose the day to say, he liked the way I’m,not because it was meant to be but it was his wish by heart.Yet my life is giving me a hold to accept this.
An emotional mass in and out scared to believe that someone said this to her, whom she felt like to text everyday specifically and wish to share what she is like.
Yet don’t know is this the liking by heart or accepting the truth that she deserve someone to like her, to listen to her the way she was and is.
Not every time one needs that feeling of love to know someone and this time when he said 'I like You' she smiled to know someone is their just to know her the way she is, the way she takes her life.
Even hands were shivering to say him, thanks for telling what you had in your heart, for liking this mix bag of ingredients. I know still I didn’t say. Let the rollercoaster take the high ride down, soon she will be with her words... ❤ ❤