Shore of the Dark…

All day long I surrender myself to those who surely needs me, every moment I have to take as a person responsible for delivering the best of what she does.

Every time I stretch between the hours, I think I’m seeking for my moments, crazy, insane, stupid yet sensible and logical to be. All I feel I’m just doing like a mad, rushing towards my highs and lows, ups and downs and without thinking twice indulging my heart into something I never was part of.

All this while I seek for the peace of mind and think, no not yet. Still time to slog myself and be someone to be an example for those who wish to be like you one day.

However, night always brings down me and I see the whole day as a flash back, I see all the ingredients for life were part of my whole day, except the silence of my soul which is trance, and plays itself while the sensations indulge with the shore of the dark…

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