Your smile always makes me fall in love with you, Your eyes filled with collyrium ask me to read you every time I look into them. Your voice always leaves me thinking why you sound so much into yourself, As if a lone wolf trying to get wanderlust. Those vibes gives me a feeling, “I search you every where I go, I try to see you next to me held my hand and asking me to move on whenever I am stuck, You’re next to me every morning wishing me a blessed day with that smile, When I am in tears I know you will come to hug me and wipe off my tears, You’re my world, my happiness and I am living you virtually every moment.”
Every time I wish to see you speaking those unspoken words you make me numb by those gestures. I know you too wish to complete the journey of the incomplete gateway of life… Don’t just let it be like that, here I’m still waiting for you.