Why can’t a woman fly your plane?

Some men are just plain sexist. They are probably scared that if a woman is given a chance to prove herself, she might just take over and the men will be sitting on the other side of the fence. I seriously think such men are scared because they know how powerful women can be. I recently witnessed a very demeaning conversation and scene where two men showed their lack of tolerance towards women doing something ‘different’ (according to them).

I am a cabin crew for an Indian airline. Daily I welcome multi faceted passengers in my work place. While some are very nice, the others are plain annoying. On one such flight I came across these two pot bellied men, wearing sleazy coats walking with their expressions so glum that I thought they were from the ministry and were denied royal treatment. While the smell of tobacco was evident, I looked at their mouths and it seemed as though they had just spat it out. Thank God for rules! As they were about to enter the aircraft, they looked at the cockpit from outside and just stopped in their tracks, looking shocked. Both the men were pointing at the window and making faces as if they had finally seen sunny leone strip (No offense!)

Now I got curious! What was making them ogle at my captain? And then it struck me, the captain of the plane was a young pretty girl all of 28. Makes everyone notice the pilot all the more no? After they recovered from their initial reaction, what they said next really made me MAD. “Did you see? A girl..a girl is going to fly this plane!! Can girls even do that? Did you see? So young! This is crazy” ( All this conversation took place in hindi. Some words were too bad to even translate)

I wanted to greet them but how could I? They just insulted the very person who was responsible for taking them to their destination, I wondered how they would look at me. Thankfully they ignored me and went straight to their seats. I was furious. What were they worried about? That how will they reach home and stain the walls of some other city? Or how will they look at themselves every morning knowing that they listened to a woman? What was soo shocking and ‘crazy’ in a woman flying a plane? Tsk tsk. The world might progress and a woman might just rule it, still these tobacco chewing sexist men will stay in their homes and pray that the next time they fly the pilot isn’t a woman!