Facing death and being alive

…somehow are very close to each other. Don’t get me wrong I’m not arguing for those adrenaline junkies, though I like them, rather this article is about mortality. That common denominator that define us all, yet we rarely speak about. This is not an article about death, it’s about that dark thought at the back of your mind that today could be your last day. It’s about that mortality percentage scientists assign to an illness. It’s about that P-Value that today could be your last day; that everyday could be.

In fact what is wrong with that, one might think! If it’s going to happen eventually, it might as well happen today. Yet we live in a life of unfulfilled dreams, unmet needs, scary uncertainties and, worst of all, utter neglect to such an important fact; everyday can be your last day. Our lives are so inhabited by those aforementioned that the slightest mention of such a reality is so socially repulsive, rude and must be instantly dismissed. Which is absolutely not surprising when you consider that “I Make Me Happy” is the mission statement of most of us. However, I believe any serious discussion of “being alive today” must also include “being dead today”; for it’s the other side of the coin and simply you don’t get to be picky.

My experience taught me that you are only fully alive when you are ready to go any single moment. When you become certain when you stare at the ceiling at night in bed that if you don’t wake up tomorrow you won’t have any regrets. That you won’t leave any unfinished business. Most importantly that you don’t have any fear of what’s to come; be it the afterlife or the absolute void. “We are only fully alive when we are ready to die at any moment!” allow me to declare.

Cancer was described as “…pushing you against the glass of your own mortality”. Thus I wonder if we could recognize that we are much closer to that glass than we might think; with or without cancer. We might as well get comfortable with that.

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