I’m here to cause an uproar in the way we live. The things that hide inside our minds, and why we act the way we do, say or don’t say, constantly being manipulated by the media and by our dreams as to what we’ve become. I’m nothing but a human experiment to a better understanding why we are the way we are. Ever since I can remember traumatic experiences have haunted me from the very beginning, I was made a monster and not only was I ignored, but I was carefully watched to see how the actions of the monster would react. All 28 years, and mentally manipulated at such a vulnerable state into drugs. That’s the only way my statements or experiences would be invalid. Covering their tracks to further the experimentation because let’s face it, who will believe a junkie? Exactly. All I wanted was to be a part of something great, and sure seems they listened. I am replaceable, just another human being with fucked up genetics that can be used to be studied. I am no Doctor nor am I a psychologist but I know what my experiences were, whether or not I was high, I was fully aware of what was going on. My body motionless and my mind ravaged through like a cabinet file full of Manila folders looking for all the answers. If this indeed was happening? If you indeed planted the seed, why did you let it grow? Why couldn’t you cure it? Because there isn’t a cure… and I must be watched to catch what I hold in my mind early on, to notice the signs in others growing up. To notice they’ve too been through something traumatic and use the proper steps and channels to better them.

We say we want all the answers and we say we want to find out why it is we do the things we do, yet unwilling to sacrifice ourselves, or the lives of others, so why not use the weak, and genetically fucked up and mentally unstable to properly hold the experimentation. Great cover, then drug said very mentally unstable and dismiss their claims for they’re nothing but junkies whose minds and statements can’t be trusted.

I am to die, alongside my family, and tortured in so many ways to see the outcome of the bigger picture. We want this… we want to rid the microbial monstrosity of the people we’ve been shaped out to be for a better tomorrow. A brighter future, and the fall will come. We’ll sign off the very last ‘freedom’ we have to them, and let them control every thought in our brain, every atom of our being will be theirs to use as they please.

I want to end my life. I can no longer endure the torture I’ve mentally been put through all for the expense of science. My wonderful mother, a walking experiment, endless pills to test and use ‘properly’ on those worthy of life.

Were we really not worthy of life? Did we add years of life to those ‘worthy’ of it? By being the very same lab rats to actually further the generations to come and delete us. The people used to build this country, on the very backs of our ancestors, does our freedom come with the price and experimentation to be used as lab rats? Who knows the pharmaceutical industry well, and can easily test drugs on us to further ‘wellness’ and make our future generations stronger? They do. Who ever is the puppet master, the people pulling the strings, are the very same people that can enslave us to further our knowledge of life. Like the measles for example; we’re the first to obliterate the strands. We’ll be saying the same for maniacs, psychopaths, murderers, rapist, sexual predators and much much more, for it is all in our brains. Our very chemical imbalances, and they’ve found the way to aggravate those chemicals to further understand the science and make ‘antidotes,’ ‘medicines,’ and ‘cures,’ to rid of the unnatural.

I don’t know how much longer I’ll be here but the end is nearing. It’s coming. I’m soon going to be a mere blip of existence in this world but scientifically I’ll be yet another experiment that helped shape the better or worse of humanity. I am 100% completely sober today. I’ve resisted temptation no matter how many times they’ve secretly pushed it on me. Customized Ads? Ha… they’re is someone behind that.

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