The Purpose of Life Is Right In Front of You
Zat Rana

Since i’m a totally unique and innovative individual (i forget how many patents and Noble Prices I have, but I know i just won the noble price in humility ), just to chime in, in the echo chamber, that is a great Sagan quote.

Sagan, Jaques Monod, J Bronowski, I Prigogine, wrote some great books or articles.

I’m closer to a solipsist than a stoic. I’m not sure there is a difference.

‘Nothing is real, and nothing to get upset about, strawberry fields forever, and don’t forget your (strawberry) alarm clock’. Is there a difference that makes a difference? Or is the medium the message? 
(If i recall, using ‘second differencing’ in math you can turn a random series into a cycle x’’= x’-x . That will give you a wave equation)