A Race to the Finish

Remember the ‘rabbit and tortoise’ story? Slow and steady wins the race. But that is easier said than done. When was the last time someone you know actually took a break without feeling the crushing weight of being left behind? Every article that starts with or includes something about the ever-evolving and fast-paced nature of the world (apparently it’s everywhere) makes me think: “Is this how it is going to be? An unending race to the finish.”

I always wanted my life to be like a walk. You decide the pace. Sometimes you brisk it out, some occasions require a stroll while some walks you take with others. Lately, it feels like trying to walk in a world where running is the only desirable way to go through life. I see my hypocrisy while typing this on my laptop. I have access to almost unlimited information and I can do so much if I want to, yet I don’t see myself making any more use of it than I usually do. The ‘yet I don’t’ brings in the guilt of not wanting to run. And then you see everyone running.

Does this mean that everyone has to run? The short answer is no, the slightly longer answer is that this race isn’t even a reality. Reality is pretty subjective and we are the protagonist of our own stories. You don’t know the reality of other people because it isn’t your story. They fight their demons and go through difficult times. Sure they might be fortunate in some ways but so are you or will be at some point during your lifetime. Repeat after me (no, seriously) ‘the grass is greener on the other side but I will water my own garden’.

I know this sounds very idealistic but I am not here to give you advice. I am here to tell you that you will go through this feeling at some point in your life and it’s okay because you will find your way or at least be halfway near realizing that life can be a walk, a stroll, or a goddamn rollercoaster if it suits you. You are where you are supposed to be and life could have gone differently but it didn’t so why not make the best we can out of it? It will still suck but you may be able to feel less behind at the least. If not, go through it anyway, just because.

This may not be the first time someone is talking about the race of life and it won’t be the last. One takeaway though, you are the protagonist of your life, change the narrative if you want to; you have the choice, and you always will have this choice.



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Ishika Dhawan

Ishika Dhawan

I was told that life is a race, so I started running from my problems. Full-time student of Behavioral Science. I write when I can.