Life is just like a toy,
No one knows when it will break,
Its a game which offers to roll a dice,
But never asks you to pick up a ‘Razor blade slice’.

Don’t press it against your skin,
Waiting for the blood to come.
Just have mercy on your parents,
Because the deed is already done.

Its neither a scratch,
Its neither a mark.
Its just a small mistake,
For which the world is willing to laugh.

People don’t care even if it is hurting you,
Neither they bother if the pain is deed.
They feel that the burden is yours,
And leaves it just for you to keep.

Standing at your grave they will weep,
They will speak these words,and its truly deep.
“Death is changing of our robs to wait,
In wedding garment at the Eternal gate”.

So don’t be scared of all those voices inside your head,
They will scream to hell and take you to death.
Just look away and try your best to smile,
Trust me,I promise,It just takes a while..

-Ishika jethwa

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