Life just being life

You feel its unfair, difficult, not charming enough…well facing it is the only choice you are left with in the end. remember, when after a lousy day, you come back home to your family, you come back home to the people who believe in you, appreciate you for what you do and what you are. Well, this is the hope, a moment to hang on to. What we forget is how easy it is to complain about everything and so difficult, just so difficult to find a solution instead.

Yes it is going to be lousy, yes it is going to be extremely hard, but that is just life being life. you need to learn, to survive, to face it. So what if things are not going your way, what if everything seems dull and hopeless. You need to understand, its not the end of the world. there are thousands of people out there lacking the most basic of necessities. feel lucky to be alive, feel lucky to have close ones who care about you. Yes people will hurt you, they will break you to the core, to a point where u feel lost, abandoned and without any silver lining in the near future. but it only gets better after this. Time always heals, always.

In the end its up to you. You can pull yourself together or break down again. you can sink in the darkness or soar high up in the air. yes it takes strength and a lot of courage, but you know you have it. What doesn't kills you only makes you stronger.