The Rise of the Meta-Science

Rapid evolution of science and technology, with the need to access and accumulate a greater volume of knowledge, is causing a large divide between our current post-modern philosophy and its execution. We’re shifting through heaps of metaphysical ideas from different eras of human history to solve problems in our daily life. Science is no longer a mere realm of logic and reason, it is merging with the arts, releasing its ideas as instructions to life. Science is realising once science fiction, at greater a speed. With the invention of the Social Media, Google Cardboard and High Definition Video, the day is not far when we can teleport, even if it were just between the real and the virtual. Once in recluse, Science is now spreading to the masses like wildfire. Technology now has it’s own language of code, it’s own propaganda and it’s own cult following. As the Arts & Humanities, paces to catch up with Science, the harmony between the two lies in function– Design.

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