A caveman’s learning by UX

One day a caveman was walking by a forest… suddenly a lightning struck a tree and tore the tree apart. The caveman felt curious and went closer. He saw a bird lying, dead and burnt. He took the bird to his cave. He poked the bird to see if there were any fresh meat left, he was not sure so he cut a bit and put it in his mouth. The meat felt amazing… he realized that the fire of the lightning changed the meat. At night he thought to himself I wish I could make fire by myself, so all my meats could taste good.

Few weeks later, he was making a weapon, shaping by striking it with stone, a gentle breeze came and from the spark a small flame of fire was born. The caveman bewilderingly jumped and clapped his hand. A fire lit from no where! He felt lucky. But his joy did not continue for long as the next breeze extinguished the flame. He was upset and stared at the ash of the small dead leaf that was burnt by the snippy fire. He prayed to lord “give it back, give it back”. It did not came back.

One day there was a big storm… the caveman could not leave his cave, he sat on a niche and began to work on his weapons again. The sparks made him remember the wonder of fire. He paused for a moment…he took a small dead leaf that was lying around his cave. He put it on the friction point and struck it with full force… nothing happened… he struck back few times, nothing happened. For the last time he struck back and sighed loudly with dismay… from that emphatic breath and the spark the fire lit up!… the caveman saw the flame took shape at the direction of his breath, and understood he needed to blow. He fetched some more leaves, sticks and flints… struck the stone and blew at the sparks…after few strikes and blow the fire lit up again!!!….

The caveman learnt to make fire!

Not every great things are invented, some are discovered by experience.


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