My name is Ismail Jamiu Ishola, I am 23 years old, i work at finpet Global Resouces( A factory where plastic pet bottles are produced) as a machine operator. I did computer science at Yaba college of technology (part time) and it was a total waste of time and resources as 90% of us could not do any programming and those who are capable got the skills outside the school.

am always thriving to acquire my skills too but was too lazy or lack motivation to push me going.

Enter Andela

someone introduce me to andela and i applied but unfortunatly i don have laptop and internet to complete the courses. so i was not enrolled, but i was fortunate enough to be invited to slack, thats where i most probably heard about ALC. i enrolled and passed the test then determined to make it a stepping stone for my development as a programmer. the frustrating part of this is i have to work day and night in other to meet customer demands but the awesome idea of meet ups keeps me going even if its not convenient physically. and now i am no longer a novice not only in android development but some other web application platform. All thanks to god and andela.