How to be Safe on Ishqr

While we do our best to make sure Ishqr is a safe place for our users to interact, there are some things we just can’t control. Keep these tips in mind to ensure you and others have a safe experience using our platform!

Safeguard your personal information.

This includes information such as location, job, school, and especially financial information. Basically, anything that could be used to locate you should NOT be shared publicly and only given to people with whom you have established a level of trust. As for financial information, never share it with anyone you haven’t met and don’t know. Ignore and immediately report any requests for money in any form.

Keep an eye out for red flags and report them immediately.

Some suspicious behaviors to watch out for include:

Asking to talk on a different platform too quickly.

Asking for your address.

Sends tons of links to suspicious outside websites .

Vanishes and reappears with little or no explanation.

Attempts to sell you a product or services.

Photos that look “too good to be true.” if the picture looks like it could be of a model, don’t be afraid to do some Google image searching.

Meeting in person

Make sure to get to know the person relatively well before agreeing to meet in person.

Tell a friend (or several friends) where you are going and who you are meeting and keep them updated if your plans change.

Meet in a public place. Never agree to meet in a place where there won’t be anyone else present. Do not agree to go to a private place after having just met.

Drive yourself to and from the location. Never become reliant on the person for transportation.

Finally, please review our terms of service ( and immediately report anyone who violates these.

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