1st Blog of Mega Project (Helping Hands)

In our circle, we all members gave their own ideas about the topic of Mega project but at last we selected the Slum area, we thought we will provide education to them as well as stationary. Actually we want to give awareness about the importance of education people of slum area. Once a day we conduct a survey and go for our project, we visited the slum area and also visited the small huts of people in which they live with their limited resources.

We saw the thirst of learning in eyes of kids then we realized these poor kids deserve education and we should have to provide and started our work as soon as possible, at the very next week we go for providing education.

Now we are supporting Slum area children providing with the free of cost “Primary Education”.

Our aim is providing education to poor and needy children who can’t meet the expenses of education. Also we provided them books, copies and stationary items. We took this step for the sake of our Social work. We established school there named as “HELPING HANDS SCHOOL”.

This area is situated in Shahdara Lahore near Jahangir Tomb. We teach from Monday to Thursday at 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. The strength of our class is approximately 20 to 25 students. Four weeks has been complete of our Mega Project in which students learned most of the basic things like English, Urdu, Mathematics, Islamiat and Ethics course. We raised fund Rs.5000 by this we bought white board, books, copies and stationary for children.

We made page on social media on Facebook, though this page we invited our friends and family. After making this page people got awareness about poor and needy people existence, which whom have not enough money to fulfill their needs, like the most basic thing is education. We thought primary education should be for all. You can access our page through this link https://www.facebook.com/HelpinghandsAamalAP/ .
 May Allah accept our social work.

In addition I would like to tell you about the learning experience of our class students, after getting education from us now they are able to speak Urdu language and also able to call their parents by respect (Ammi jee & Abu jee) before this they called them parents by their names. After getting feedback from their parents we were happy to hear that parents are very pleased with our this work also they appreciate our efforts.

We promise InshaAllah we will groom these kids in well manner way.

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