Interested Challenge

According to my thoughts which was already in my mind and many of times I shared this with my some of fellows the word “Interesting” means that You are taking interest in someone or something on the other hand the word “Interested” means you have take interest in it and still you are taking, It’s relate to our past and long term focus on someone or something.

Yesterday I texted to my School friend who since from my Play group class. Formally we started to talk each other like how are you? What’s going on? etc after that she said me; yar I know you are very busy in your life and I also. I made a plan for going outside for spending good time with each other and it can give us pleasure of time ,friends are also important part of life that’s why we should meet once. I replied why not? after exams I will come to you then she replied yes having a fun or some gossips. I replied yeah sure. Suddenly I realized it is difficult to manage time with our daily routine work but also I should look after my friend’s desires & wants. If they want me, I should give them back my best and try to respect and show interest in them. Showing a genuine interest in others not only wins friends for you

I learned never say I, I, I, Because I think its go toward ego, try to impress people and get people interested in you. I really feel good ,admirable and feels appreciating when people, my teachers and my family members talks about me in positive way or appraise me. Just because of my good behavior and I think I also give them back my good part of time. Time is a precious gift which we give to others because its never come back and it leaves good memories which we have spend to our love ones.

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