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A simple question asked by Alan Turing opened doors to endless possibilities- “Can machines think?”. Fast forward 70 years: I am asking a machine that is the size of a hockey puck, ‘how to make a french omelette’. Artificial Intelligence(AI) proved to be the solution to Alan Turing’s question. This capability to think would mean that machines can do pretty much anything humans can. This theory was confirmed when computers started defeating humans at their own games. So let’s discover more about two of the most mind-blowing AI algorithms and take a look at their story.

Brute force

Back in 1997, a…

Cloudflare is a web security company. Their conviction is to enhance security and performance for anything connected via the internet. One of their encryption technologies includes a wall filled with lava lamps. Sounds so cool! In 1996, Silicon Graphics devised a similar system called LavaRand. But their patent expired and innovative ideas find new homes; so did this one. Let’s dive deeper and understand encryption and also why lava lamps.

What is cryptography?

Cryptography is a way of storing and transferring information safely. We use encryption and decryption to deliver high-profile information using cryptography. Encryption is the process of converting the original message…

Ishwari Garge

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