Who is John Myburg?

Dirty tricks operative (Username 71715–32) but for whom?

John Myburg doesn’t exist.

He is on facebook — https://www.facebook.com/john.myburg.90

He is on twitter — https://twitter.com/t46usix_me

He has a dropbox account containing 1 document — https://www.dropbox.com/s/as88lumzpgajc5f/NUMSAEXPOSED.doc?dl=0

The document properties indicate that it was written by John Carelse, an official of the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (NUMSA). It wasn’t. It was written by John Myburg.

This document claims that NUMSA, along with others in South Africa and abroad, are involved in an underground plot to “destabilise South Africa as part of efforts by rogue elements within the NUMSA’s leadership to effect regime change in South Africa”. I suggest you read the document for yourself.

It’s crude stuff that reminds me of the good old days when apartheid’s greatest euphemism — the Civil Cooperation Bureau — created a state machine built on layers of deception: which would have been laughable if they hadn't murdered their way through the ranks of some of the struggle’s finest men and women.

So who is peddling this stuff these days? A crank? Some crazy individual?

There is a clue. Open the document in a text editor and you will find that the photographs contain a link from where they were inserted into the document. Here is one …


I’m no techie but I know enough to understand that “John Myburg” was logged in to a local area network with the user name of “71715–32" and that the pictures were filed in his “work” folder.

Sounds very corporate to me.

So this is a call to South African techies, hackers and civic minded civil servants. Can we figure who John Myburg is?

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