ARVR Women announces Tyler Musgrave, Co-Chair of its Futurists in Residence program

Tyler Musgrave (center) Co-Chair, ARVR Women Futurists in Residence with Enjoy’s Magic Leap setup team.

ARVR Women is pleased to announce Tyler Musgrave as a Co-Chair of our Futurists in Residence program.

In this new role Tyler will lead efforts to promote the Residency and apply Afro-Futurist and restorative practices to our exploration of mixed reality hardware, art and design. She’ll also be a 2019 guest moderator for our Facebook group.

Tyler participated in the Mozilla XRStudio where she began developing a VR experience based on the healing environment of restorative circles.

We wanted Tyler to be a part of our Residency leadership team for her boundless curiosity, generous spirit and mission to use mixed reality to support social justice work and bring equity, healing and opportunities to marginalized communities around the world.

Futurists in Residence: (Left to Right) A.M. Darke, Clorama Dorvilias, Charity Everette, Kristina Williams. Project Leads: (Top to Bottom) Tyler Musgrave, Iva Leon, Siciliana Trevino

ARVR Women’s Futurist in Residence program is increasing multicultural leadership by putting state-of-the-art augmented reality hardware Magic Leap and HoloLens 2 in the hands of four African-American women artists to gauge their impact on art, design and the future. The program is funded by the Investing in Tomorrow Grant from the Center for Cultural Innovation (CCI) with support from the Kenneth Rainin Foundation.

Follow Tyler on Twitter: @restorative_vr and Instagram: @restorative_vr

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