For Those Who Have No Voice: SPEAK!

As I lay down to go to sleep last night, The Lord spoke one phrase to me; it was so clear that it was almost audible, but wasn’t. He wrote it out in visible words at the same time He spoke it — He simply said “For those who have no voice: SPEAK!”. It wasn’t a suggestion. It was more of a command; He was pleading, but there was a righteous anger in His voice that shook me.

Just because our President deems something permissible, doesn’t make it righteous, godly, or good. Just because Obama holds his hand over a Bible every now and again, doesn’t mean God smiles upon his every action as the leader of our country. Nor should we.

If you’ve seen any of the 5 videos released concerning the inside investigation of Planned Parenthood, (especially the latest one there is real footage capturing the process of selling the organs of aborted babies, as well as fully intact bodies. And then there’s footage of what an actual aborted baby being dissected for parts looks like — it’s undeniable. It’s heart-wrenching. And it’s sickening. There aren’t enough words to pull from in my vocabulary to describe the horror of seeing little tiny hands and feet sticking out from among the mess of blood and organs arrayed… To top it off, the employees are shown going about business as usual, as if those small body parts displayed about are as expendable as a piece of rotten food.

I was first really exposed to the issue of abortion in 2004 when I heard Lou Engle speak about Bound4Life, ( what they stood for, and why. I went home from the school of ministry that day at 21 years old, and wept for 3 days straight, ruined by what I had heard. Because for the first time in my life, my eyes had been opened to something that was never talked about in society, or in church.

I put a life band on that day, and vowed with the others in the room to wear that band, and pray the prayer, until abortion was no more. And I’ve been wearing it for the past 11 years. Not as a fashion statement or to pat myself on the back— but to remind myself that there is innocent blood being spilled as I sit and scroll Facebook, hang out with friends, go to work, and just go about busy life “as normal”. It is a constant and needed reminder that I cannot unsee what I have seen; and I cannot reverse what I now know. And with that reality comes a responsibility — a responsibility not only to pray, but to exemplify Justice; to speak up, and to go against popular opinion… and be the only one left standing if necessary. Because Christ in me, compels me. HE is Justice.

For the sake of the ones whose voices are being silenced to make millions of dollars for selfish gain. For the sake of the 55 million babies whose names we will never know. And for the sake of the ones that can still be saved — we MUST speak.

We are helping to dig their tiny graves every time we choose to look the other way, feigning ignorance. It’s time to give voice to this atrocity we’ve been running from. To carry an uncompromising voice of Truth; in the face of opposition, apathy, fear, and a fractured morality that tells us exactly what we want to hear. God put breath in our lungs for many reasons — not the least of which is to speak up for the helpless. As it says in Proverbs, this is our mandate as Believers:

“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves; ensure justice for those being crushed.”(‭Prov. 31‬:‭8‬ NLT)

As long as innocent blood is being spilt behind closed doors, our proclamations of being “the free world” fall empty and void. We’re not nearly as free as we think we are. We are not truly free until we are able to take responsibility for what is taking place, turn from it, and learn to see and value life in all of its forms — from conception and onward. Until then, we are slaves to a lie that is destroying our generation at the core, one by one.

Do I have the perfect answer to see abortion stop overnight? No. I think the answer is multi-faceted. And I don’t have it perfectly figured out. These Planned Parenthood videos expose only the very tip of the iceberg, but carry the helpful information that is creating the momentum needed to unearth what has been buried underground for far too long. It’s a pivotal time to give voice to what has been ignored and quieted for generations.

For the first time maybe since abortion was legalized in 1973, the abortion industry is being exposed for its true nature. And it is paramount that we find our voice, and speak loudly — whatever that looks like. (In submission to wise council of course) All of us will have a different part to play in being that voice. We all have different spheres of influence, different gift sets, and different capabilities that enable us to give voice to this in some way shape, or form. The important thing is that we are obedient with what God puts before us; and to stand for Truth, unwavering. Individually and collectively. We cannot afford for this to be a fading emotion that periodically pulls at our hearts strings. It has to be a cry that links us to the heart of The Father and fuels us to fight for the cause of injustice for these innocent ones. We, our children, and our chidren’s children depend on it.

Let it not be said of us that we were silent when it mattered most.