In Spirit and Truth

To be able to worship God in “Spirit and Truth”, we have to understand the worthiness of Christ. Not just in theory, but with real understanding. And to understand that, we have to see Him as He is. The problem is, as earthbound creatures we only see in part. So to engage our hearts fully in the worth of Jesus; to behold perfect beauty and worship from that place, is difficult. It’s an activity that almost requires us to detach ourselves from this world, and step into that which is altogether unlike ours. A “world” in which God Almighty sits enthroned in Heaven, encircled by angels who have been singing his praise never-ending, since before earth and time ever existed! They sing the same song day after day, year after year — although time is not measured in eternity.

Every time the angels circle around and see His face, they are all but compelled to cry “HOLY!” And It’s not because they run out of things to say, but because every time they gaze upon him, they see a new side of God’s face and are awestruck as if for the first time.

If these beings created for praise, who were not even given the ability to LOVE God can sing forever, how much more should we, who have been given the gift to love God completely, worship with abandon?

As a worship leader being on a stage of sorts, we see from a different perspective; watching things as we lead. And I’ve noticed that this ‘theme’ of focusing on Jesus’ worth if you will, is a difficult “flow” for people not to get into, but to stay in. It might be ok for one song or so, and then people’s faces start to read boredom….’What are we doing? Are you going to sing something else? What time is it? What?! Only 4 minutes have passed! Please for the love, sing another song…’

Personally, I would happily sing the Revelation 5 chorus for an hour or two! But I would venture to say that our attention spans reflect how deeply or how dimly we see God. This is not to say I have arrived, or see it completely myself — not by a long shot! My tendencies are the same as anyone else. But it’s my continual longing to see more deeply, and to love Him as He deserves, that drives me. We are all called to this — worship was designed to erupt out of us like an unquenchable fire.

However, we like comfort. We like to sing songs that feed our own self-worth. Songs that speak of the love of God etc… and how valuable we are to Him. And don’t get me wrong — these songs are great (and very powerful) because they help us connect with the heart of God for humanity. These songs reinforce our God-given identity as His children, which is super important for us to understand and walk in. I am not diminishing the value of this even remotely.

But there is yet a deeper level of worship that I feel like we shy away from that I want to see us dive headlong into: worship and devotion which takes us from personal introspection, to outward and awestruck adoration — and has absolutely nothing to do with us. These are the songs that change the atmosphere — songs that exalt Him to his rightful place, cause chains to shatter and principalities to crumble.

God doesn’t need the praise of men. He told us in Luke 19:40 that the very rocks of the earth would cry His praise if we fall silent. He will have His glory whether it comes from our lips or not, that is not in question.

But He longs that we would know Him as he really is, and to worship not by a rhetoric of systematic words and melodies, but a heart that understands the worth of this God who gave everything He held dear to have our hearts.

This God who spoke a single word and created the entire universe.

This God who is more holy than we can describe exhausting known language.

This God who has written the most breathtaking story of redemption — walking the earth in human skin to show us the vast lengths He would go to win us back.

This God. He is worthy.

So next time you step into a corporate worship setting, keep these things at the forefront of your mind. Remember that the worship leader isn’t there to worship for you so you can sit back and just “soak it in”…but they are there to guide you into The Lord’s presence and administer the flow of that time. It’s not a time for entertainment. If you are distracted and bored in worship, don’t wait for someone else to make something happen. Jesus is worthy whether the music is terrible or not, or even if you are feeling it or not.

We were commanded to love Him with ALL of our heart, soul, mind, and strength. (Matt. 22:37–38) There is no part of that scripture that describes passive worship. Go back to that first commandment, make it your first priority, and you will never again question why you exist.

If you’re so satisfied with this world that you’ve lost you’re craving for the things of God, you need to make some radical changes in your lifestyle. If you really and truly want God. Because we were never called to be dormant lifeless people. Fire has to be regularly stoked and fed. If yours is waning it’s no one else’s responsibility but yours. You can’t blame it on life circumstances, your church, your pastor, or anyone else!

Jesus still sits worthy on His throne whether we can see him or not, so don’t be fooled by the lesser things. We have been given a gift that nothing else God spoke into being was given — to adore Him. I urge you, do not waste it.

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