The Do’s of the week

A very full week in short

  • Listen.

This week I’ve learned a lot, and not just from the classes. It’s the people around me that have also taught me a lot. Every single person has something interesting to say, or a different perspective to learn from. It’s a super approachable and exciting way to earn new knowledge.

  • Back it up.

There are moments where your intuition tells you something. But trusting this gut feeling alone is not enough. It’s crucial to back it up with the right facts (info, studies, data).

  • Disrupt

Disruptive behaviour is not a bad thing in the world of Lean Startups. On the contrary, disruptive innovation is something that characterizes a lean business. This helped me realize that disruption doesn’t have to be interpreted negatively. It can also mean you’re simply a few steps ahead, ready to change the world around you.

  • Turn it around.

If it doesn’t work, simply turn it around. Whether it’s in text, visuals, or something completely different, you can try turning things around. The results might surprise you.

  • Connect.

Find the connective logic behind the practice. This makes it easier to learn the specific skill you would like to master. For instance, all the Adobe programs share a common basic logic. Once I realized this, it became a lot less intimidating to work with these programs. And this applies to a lot more than just a program. As I learned last week, everything is connected.