How Lunar Phases Can Help You Understand the Beatles’ Motivations

A quick look to bandmates’ sun and moon relationships on their natal chart and exploring the influences of the moon phases on their life.

Illustrated by Isil Karabulut

Dear Reader,

I have been studying Astrology for almost a year. To practice and learn deeply I am going to write about significant topics by examining biographies of celebrities. And I am glad to share my practises with you.

First, I will start with the relationship between Sun and Moon and its influences on life. Sun and Moon are the lights of a person’s natal chart and the relationship between the Sun and the Moon is important to understand deeply the one’s personality and the goal of his/her life.

To start with, we all know the Moon turns around the Sun. If we divide It’s 360 degrees cycle into 4 (John M. Addey mentions in his book called Harmonics in Astrology that number 4 is evidently connected with the idea of difficulty-effort-achievement and striving to manifest and according to John Addey and Charles Harvey the symbolism of the number dividing 360 degrees describes the properties of the resulting angle _ Information source: Hakan Kırkoğlu. )it means that the Moon has a capasity of an energy to manifest on Its every 90 degrees of distance to the Sun. When we divide the 90 degrees into 2, It makes 45 degrees that means the Moon’s every 45 degrees distance to the Sun has an unsettled internal energy and does not manifest like square aspects. By dividing the Moon’s 360 degrees motion around the Sun into 8 we can examine detailly the content of the motivations of the natal chart. Also we may find the answers of the questions below:

What is the motivation for?

• Does the motivation start or end something?

•Is the motivation about struggling for something?

•Is the development of the motivation focused on relationships?

Before we examine the natal chart of the Beatles bandmates, let’s list the Moon phases to make our examination clear:

•New Moon (0 – 45 degrees)

•Waxing Crescent (45 – 90 degrees)

•First Quarter Half Moon (90 – 135 degrees)Waxing Gibbous Moon (135 – 180 degrees)

•Fullmoon (180 – 225 degrees)

•Waning Gibbous Moon (225 – 270 degrees)

•Last Quarter Half Moon (270 – 315 degrees)

•Waning Crescent Moon (315 – 360 degrees)

Now it’s time to examine the natal charts of the bandmates.

When we look at John Lennon’s natal chart there is 107 degrees between the Sun and the Moon. So the lunar phase is the first quarter half moon in Aquarius and in his 11th house. The first quarter half moon represents chrisis in the development process. There is a consolidation effort. This phase has similar themes to Cancer and Leo. People born in this phase have a motivation to built from scratch. John’s Sun is in Libra in his 7th house. The Moon’s latest conjunction is with Mercury in Scorpio. Mercury is dispozed by Mars in Libra. And the Moon’s next conjunction is Saturn in Taurus. Sun in the 7th house means that the person finds his/her personalty through relationships. He needs a relationship to express himself. He looks for balance and harmony in his marriage and partnerships. In terms of the lunar phase he is presenting his Sun in the 11th house via his Moon in Aquarius. Moon in the 11th house means finding emotional security through friends and grouping for goals. So we can say that John has an emotional motivation to build from scratch in groups in a unique and a humanist way while he is seeking for balance and harmony. And also he is applying his Mercury on the Saturn in 2nd house which means he is building art with a curious and deep mind in an insistent and sometimes obsessed way. He expresses his mentality, self-value and art bravely and firmly.

As it states at his biography he is the first one who formed the Beatles. He was called the de facto leader of the band primarily. He is known for his rebellious nature and sharp intelligence in his art which is related to the influences of the Moon applying the Mercury in Scorpio to the Saturn in Taurus. Moreover he is a peace activist. After the Beatles disbanded he continued his solo career with his second wife Yoko Ono and held anti-war demonstrations together. While performing in the Beatles he had a songwring partnership with Paul McCartney and they made a great success with their songs. As a first quarter half moon phase born person, John was expressing his light and persona in groups by using his words and actions for the sake of particular idea.

Illustrated by Isil Karabulut

Paul McCartney was the second one who joined the Beatles. There is 51 degrees between his Sun and Moon. So he is a waxing-crescent born person. The emotional motivation for this phase is to struggle for building his own future leaving shadows of the past behind and seeking financial security like a Taurus and also a desire to express himself more like a Gemini. His Sun in Gemini in 10th house of career and his Moon is in Leo in 12th house of collective subconscious and losts. The moon is disposed by the Sun. Moon’s latest conjunction is with Pluto and Mars in 12th house in Leo and the next conjunction is with Neptune in Virgo in his 1st house. He is using his intelligence and skills by singing, songwriting to help himself to feel safe emotionally. Deep inside, he needs to be seen by people to feel secure as a Moon in Leo person. The success on the songwriting practice made him honoured with several awards including 18 Grammy Awards and also the one of the wealthiest musicians in the world. Paul’s Moon has a term dignity of Saturn on the 17 degrees of Leo. He began to take the place of Lennon with his dominant musical power as the influences of being latest conjunction of the Moon with Pluto and Mars. He became de facto leader of the Beatles more and more by using his creative momentum on his music and film projects as the influences of the next conjunction of Moon with Neptune including Saturn themes.

George Harrison is called ‘the quiet Beatle’. Let’s see his emotioanal motivations. Due to there is 235 degrees between Sun and Moon the Lunar phase is ‘the Waning Gibbous Moon’ which has a transforming theme like Scorpio and willing to both expand and share an idea like a Sagittarius. He has these motivations while expressing his emotional and imaginative creations on his own actions that include a deep, an intense emotional need which comes from an energy of lost emotional security. The latest conjunction of the Moon is with Neptune in his 12th house in Libra and the Neptune is disposed by Venus. Additionaly, the next conjuntion of the Moon is with Mars in 3rd house in Capricorn. Neptune in Libra in 12th house is about sacrificing himself out of sharing and harmony. Moreover, Neptune in Libra in the 12th house could mean an idealizm of harmonious relationships in the collective dimesion. Mars in Capricorn has skills like consantration, endurance, discipline in his communication with close relationships.

If we see his biography, it is mentioned that his mother used to listen to the weekly broadcast of Radio India while she was pregnant with George. She was hoping that the exotic music would bring peace and calm to the baby in her womb. As a result of the relationship with his mother he might embraced Indian culture. Also, he broaden the scope of popular music through his incorporation of Indian instrumentation and Hindu aligned sprituality in the Beatles’ work (as the motivation comes from Waning Gibbous Moon phase). Furthermore, George is asked to organize a charity event in Bangladesh to fight starvation ( as the influences of applying Neptune to the Mars).

Illustrated by Isil Karabulut

Ringo Starr is the last one who joined the Beatles as drummer by replacing Pete Best the former drummer. His Sun is in Cancer in the 5th house and the Moon is in Leo in the 6th house. There is 20 degrees between the Sun and the Moon, so the Lunar phase is New Moon. New Moon has a leadership capacity and surviving theme like Aries. George is using his creativity including intuitions and imagination while he is serving people. He has a surviving motivation. Also he wants to be on stage and to be seen by people. Moon contains Mars and Pluto in Leo in the 6th house and will conjunct with Mercury. Mars in Leo in the 6th house means having an active and noisy working life and loves to compete. Also Mars is about making muscle. Pluto is generally related to great power. In addition to this Mercury in Leo in the 6th house is about fixed, stubborn , speculative mentality in the working life. With a surviving motivation he is applying the energy of Mars and Pluto to the Mercury.
Due to his biography, he worked as a machinist at a Liverpool equipment manufacturer. During his childhood he suffered from illnesses including tuberculosis. In his prolonged hospitalization process he participated the hospital band and it was his first met with drums.
When his first record days with the Beatles he was feeling frustrated because of playing percussion and drums at the same time. So, his performance was not good enough. George Martin — the producer of the band, replaced Starr with Andy White and Starr played tambourine on two songs. That’s why he concerned about his status in the Beatles with a fear of being replaced. From time to time he kept feel the same when he replaced by another drummer due to the fact that he had to hospitalized because of his illness just before their tour in 1964. These situations of replacement made their fans disappointed and it took time for Starr to be loved by their fans. The bandmates sometimes critisizing his playing and he was feeling isolated from their musical activities. Even his technique of drumming was not that good since he was playing left hand with a right hand kit, he changed the perception of drummers in the band instead of solo performances he included drums into the compositions as equal as the other instruments. He was striving hard to secure his position in the band as an influence of the settlement of Mars, and also he was trying to survive in the band as an effect of the Lunar phase. Furthermore, he had a supplementary role on songwriting in Beatles by writing a couple of versus and chorus for unfinished Lennon-McCartney songs and he was singing lead vocal a song on the Beatles’ albums. That means his verbal skills help him to survive in the band.

To sum up, I am happy to look at the Beatles bandmates’ birth chart and read their biographies. Before, I was loving their music but now I feel like I discoverd their emotional engines and dynamics behind the band.

I hope you enjoyed it. Stay tuned for new astrological discoveries on the biographies of celebrities.



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