A try out

So am new here and I joined to be able to read my friend Osasu Elaiho’s publications easily. Well I’ve read others and its really cool being here, I get to read more.

Since am already here, I should probably do some writing as well. Am no writer but I could give it a try. So here goes..


Hopes and dreams

Everyone has their anticipations for the year, hopes and dreams like many years before it. Some would happen, ok maybe few, others you would move on to the following year.

Plans, plans and more plans

Its the year people plan to make more money, well people plan that every year.

I plan to get a promotion this year, and lose weight — am not fat by the way, weigh just over 60kg but I still want to lose some. No more sodas except am offered — no need to be rude, no more white bread — has been substituted with the not so nice wheat bread, no pastries, drinking only tea or coffee, wish I could do away with rice, but haven’t gotten a substitution for it, I just reduced the amount I consume. It may not get me to lose a lot of weigh quickly but it’s a start.

Plans to work harder, do more hustle, take my private practice to a slightly higher level. Its going to be fun.

Plans to trust and rely on the Almighty more this year. Study the word and praying more, listen for instructions and directions from the Spirit. Its very necessary. I once told my husband that everyone believes in something. Some in the God they worship and a few in themselves alone. Whichever it is, we all need that reliance on something extraordinary.

People will change

Yup, its already happening, people changing for reasons best known to them. I think more people evaluate their lives in the new year and come up with strategies to get what they want out of life and this includes changing their relationships.

I recently realised that a lady acquaintance of mine changed her attitude towards me because I could not hook her up with a prospective husband. Strange right?

People may stop talking to you or get closer to you. You may never know the reason for this or maybe you will later in the year. Either way, you adapt to this change. I know I have. Called a friend sometime last week and she was a bit cold to me. I’ve no idea why, maybe its part of her 2017 resolutions to take a break from our friendship. Some people do that cause they feel you’re better than them in some way and they just can’t stand it. Well whatever her reason is, am not going to reach out to her any more. As far as our relationship is concerned I’ve done her more favours than the other way around.

Wish I had more to say….

We pray the year brings better things for us, we achieve more and become better people than we were the previous years.

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