“If you always pushing the boundary of your comfort zone, you become limitless” 👑✨

I’m not sure where I originally heard this quote, but it’s stuck with me through the years as this concept has played an integral part in directing my life for the last 7 years. 🙏🏼❤️

In 2013 I went backpacking through India for a quarter of a year to study spirituality and do a yoga teacher training after the man that raised me died. …

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This is something that 3 years ago I didn’t really understand or know much about. Certainly I saw and could appreciate radiant women — I knew that there was “something special” about them that they had figured out, but really that was as far as it went; a deeper understanding of how to cultivate and embody that quality of presence was still a mystery to me.

& It was *much* more than just physical beauty. I didn’t know exactly what or how, but the way that they carried themselves would just radiate heart medicine out to anything that came near. …

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared any of my writing, but recently I’ve been called to publicly share more of what’s in my heart — with hopes that it plants even just one seed of positive inspiration to you during these times.

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I used to resist flowing with the cycles of life, and this lead to a LOT of unnecessary struggle. When I was younger, I absolutely detested getting my moon — “Ew I’m tired, hormonal, unproductive and bleeding!” 😭☠️

Resisting this natural cycle lead to a lot more intense PMS than if I were to just surrender, soften into it and take the opportunity to slow down, nourish myself and patiently wait for the next cycle of activity. …

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I’ve been in Bali for 3 months now and first thing I felt called to do here is focus on detoxification. The clearer I am mentally, physically and energetically, the clearer of a channel I am and stronger of a connection I have to my intuition/higher-self.

This post in particular will describe at a high-level what I did and the shifts in mentality I’ve had to make, and in a follow-up post I’ll go more into the gritty details of each process.

After my kundalini awakening one year ago, I seriously cleaned up my lifestyle — I stopped drinking alcohol, smoking cannabis, daily coffee consumption, eating most animal protein, and have been mostly celibate, but I had never before done a total system cleanse. It’s not that the idea wasn’t intriguing, I just was focused on other things and never got around to prioritizing it (i.e taking a vacation during my time off work was way more interesting than doing deep uncomfortable personal work). This means there was 26 years worth of stuff built up in my system that I had only just recently started becoming aware of. …

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Today I have all the feels.

A year and some change ago I was asked to participate in a BART station recruiting campaign as a software engineer for OneLogin…

Today in particular, marks the exact date one year ago when I shared the tweet that gave birth to #iLookLikeAnEngineer. Never in a million years would I have guessed that one year later people would still be proudly sharing the hashtag and using it as a source for building community.

Because it developed a life of its own, I’m not even aware of the entirety of the extent that it has reached(while Googling I even saw an #iLookLikeAnEngineer event in Munich Germany etc.). …


I’m tired of seeing comments from strangers telling me to change my name, that it’s embarrassing, or something for me to feel ashamed of.

My name is not ISIS like the terrorists.

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My name is Isis like the Egyptian goddess: “Isis was worshipped as the ideal mother and wife as well as the patroness of nature and magic. She was the friend of slaves, sinners, artisans and the downtrodden, but she also listened to the prayers of the wealthy, maidens, aristocrats and rulers.[2]

Throughout this article I am going to ask you a series of questions. I invite you to honestly, and authentically take a moment and answer them to yourself.

From the moment that we all come into this world, we are diagnosed with a terminal condition called mortality. As a living-organism on this planet, we are given a finite amount of time. 24 hours in a day, and however many years until our consciousnesses eventually vacate our meat-bodies. We are inherently limited in the amount of experiences that we can experience, crafts that we can craft, relationships we can develop, and things that we can learn. So why do so many of us live unconsciously/without intention? Are you guilty of this/do you know people who are? Of all of the resources that we have in this world, life and human-potential is the most frivolous to waste. …

Read more back-story on my life here. Also, if you’re squeamish or in a hurry, skip to the end of this article. You’ve now been warned.

How often do you experience fear/personal doubts? I did for a long time, and I still do, but now the difference is that I don’t let them dictate the decisions that I make in my life. …

People often tell me that I’m incredibly positive and optimistic. I wasn’t always that way and the road to get here wasn’t easy. I’ve learned a lot of hard lessons, but now I wouldn’t go back and change anything. Often times we learn the most by making mistakes and going through difficult experiences. A wise friend(Ryan Nadeau) once said to me, “We have complete control over 2 things. Our breath, and our reactions.”

The weirdness that is my life started rather early, even before my conception. My mother is this amazingly strong, kind, non-materialistic hippie-lady, who graduated with a liberal arts degree and took off backpacking around the world for 11 years, living out of a backpack in 33 different countries. She was 37 and nearing the end of her reproductive-era and had to make a decision to have a child then or she would lose her window of opportunity. She was living in Thailand at the time, and had already accepted the fact that she was going to be a single-mother. She was in love with the country, and decided to go out and find the most attractive/healthy/intelligent/young Thai virgin — deflowered him, and I came out of that. She was 37, he was 21, but goodness did that situation work out for everyone’s benefit. She moved back in with her mom and dad in America, got on welfare, saved up enough welfare money to go back to school for her masters degree, and ended up starting her professional career as a teacher just before turning 40. …


Isis Anchalee

My non-appropriating-spirit-organism is a mix between Yoda and a dolphin.

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