A Black woman’s sincere thank you letter to Donald Trump

Dear Donald,

I gotta say man, you did me a solid. Because I’d grown really tired of hearing that we live in a “post racial” society. I was sick of people telling me how much progress we’ve made and how we should be grateful for the all the things afforded to us because of the civil rights movement. Afterall we have a Black president, right! I was tired to the point that I’d simply sigh, toss the side eye, and keep scrolling on FB to see yet another unarmed Black person killed by police.

Turns out we weren’t just paranoid race baiters afterall! America really is saturated with bigotry and hatred for brown bodies and that’s never been more evident than it is now. And we have you to thank for that! Your racist rally cry made it safe for every homophobic, misogynist, bigot to emerge from their dark, dank, shit encrusted holes and proudly wave their banner of hate for all the world to see. And there you were, their tangerine champion, their illiterate demigod, their great white hope promising to take America back to a time when you could simply enjoy a good ol’ fashioned family picnic and lynching. Pass the strange fruit!

I owe you one, because without this election we would still have to convince those too privileged to see what we endure on a regular basis. Your success in getting this far has held up a mirror to America and we have no choice but to see that the reflection is grotesque, disturbing, and strangely familiar. This is us in 2016. The greatest nation on earth (debatable) is mere hours away from deciding whether an unapologetic hateful sociopath will become our next President. And it’s actually a close call! America is a train wreck and we can’t look away. We are laid bare before a world that is appalled at what should have simply been a joke on the Simpsons that is now a very possible outcome.

But what I am most grateful for is how you’ve helped to out your supporters as the loathsome, vile creatures they are. Turns out there were some people on my Facebook friends list that I needed to quickly be rid of, a few family members that won’t be invited for Thanksgiving, and a vast assortment of nutbags lurking around every corner. I appreciate knowing my enemy and where they live by their Trump/Pence sign in their yard or their “Make America Great Again” hats. I couldn’t be more pleased that we can finally stop pretending this country has ever been truly great for anyone other than white cis males.

No longer can we turn a blind eye to the fact that the sexual assault of women in this country is treated as trivial. No longer can we deny that racism is alive and well. No longer can we act as if America isn’t in desperate need of some soul searching. If the Donald has taught us anything it’s that our greatness is hanging in the balance. And today we decide who we want to be, what kind of country we want for our children, and how much more of this we intend to stomach.

So, Donald, thank you for playing your part. You will, in fact, make America great because we can now take that first step in getting clean, which is admitting we have a problem.


An unapologetic Black woman at large

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