TW for: swearing, Tr*mp, ableism, mentions of other -isms, my general curse-filled anger.

Dear Creator Of #DiagnoseTrump,

Item one on the agenda: what the actual, entire fuck is wrong with you? In what fucking world do we live in where you think you can “help diagnose” someone else without them asking? That’s some Human Ableist Garbage shit, honestly.

I’m neurodivergent (meaning — I’m not neurotypical) and I’ll tell you this on behalf of the community: bigotry is not, has never been, and will never be a mental illness. Once again: bigotry is not and will never be a mental illness. Some bigots might be mentally ill, which isn’t an issue, but most aren’t. Neurodivergency is not a bad thing, nor does it make us “villains”. Bigotry is the problem here.

Stop fucking demonizing us. You think I wanted to have poor emotional regulation, and love having weeklong depressive episodes? Like — I enjoy forgetting what I was talking about in conversation, or like the way I hyperfocus during tasks and don’t hear other people? Do you think that’s what happened? Of course I fucking don’t, you absolute jackass! What the fuck!

Donald J. Trump is a terrified nativist, racist, islamophobic, misogynist, queerphobic, imperialist, capitalist, ableist, authoritarian piece of shit who is 1. not a legitimate presidential candidate, 2. a lying conman who’s lying to the American people, and 3. a shitastic populist, who’s not even an actual conservative.

Most importantly: to our knowledge, Trump is not mentally ill, and even if he is, it’s not our fucking business, nor would it be the goddamn issue. His bigotry is not a sign of mental instability or worthy of concern. This is most literally socialization at work. He is an entitled cisgender, heterosexual white nationalist who thinks he owns the United States.

Hint: he fucking doesn’t; not today, tomorrow, the next day, or the day after that. He will never own any of this country; not as long as myself and other activists are alive. He’s a bad “businessman” who doesn’t know anything about finance or realty, and depends on pure manipulation. He is a disgusting bigot, not a mentally ill minor in need of therapy.

Bigotry is not mental illness. Bigotry is not “evidence” that someone experiences neurodivergency. Hating someone doesn’t mean they’re mentally ill, nor does it mean you have any right to try to “diagnose” them. Some repulsive assholes are mentally ill, but that doesn’t mean every neurodivergent person is an abhorrent fucker. Fuck Trump and fuck you.

We are not monsters. We are minors, adults, and elderlies. We are friends, neighbors, siblings, family members, creatives, academics, etc. Most of all, we are human beings. I can’t believe I had to say that. What the fuck.

And, no — you cannot fucking “diagnose” another person without their consent. Have some goddamn humanity, will you? Christ alive.

You’re an appalling person, and I hope you choke. Fuck off. I’ll see you in hell, if there is one, so I can kick your godawful ass.

Never your’s or anyone else’s, for that matter,

An (Angry) Black Multiracial Disabled Teenaged Feminist

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